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Charge: Theft by Deception, a class C Felony

Maximum Penalty: Up to 5 Years Incarceration, and up to a $5,000.00 Fine.

Summary: Our client, in a difficult financial position and abusing mind-altering drugs, failed to cancel her unemployment compensation when she found new employment.

Result: The State's evidence against our client was overwhelming, and our only option was to explain why she took the actions, what she was doing to get off the drugs and rebuild her finances, and how she planned to repay the State funds.  We worked with her therapist, her physician, her rehabilitation counselors, and her current employer.  During the time of the litigation, our client was able to successfully complete drug rehabilitation, gain good employment, and save a substantial amount of funds toward restitution.  The Prosecutor agreed to offer her a second chance and dismissed the felony.  Our client entered a guilty plea to a misdemeanor, with no incarceration and no fines.  She agreed to repay the monies stolen from the State.  She was happy that we helped her avoid a long prison term, a sizeable fine, and a felony conviction.

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