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Sagadahoc County is one of Maine's quintessential coastal regions with a rough coastline, quaint towns, and lots of outdoor activities. In this idyllic setting, though, people can get arrested for committing a crime in any of the following towns:

  • Bath
  • Bowdoin
  • Bowdoinham
  • Brunswick
  • Georgetown
  • Phippsburg
  • Richmond
  • Sebasco
  • Topsham
  • West Bath
  • Woolwich.

Criminal Defense in Sagadahoc County, Maine

There are numerous kinds of criminal offenses that you can be charged with in Sagadahoc County. Obviously, some are more severe than others. All of them can upend your life if the charge turns into a conviction. Investing in a criminal defense lawyer to fight against the accusation can be a wise move to make.

In 2017, crime data for Maine showed that Sagadahoc County was one of only three counties in the state to see its crime rate increase from 2016. Sagadahoc's increase was by far the worst of the three, rising by over 10%. That increase was driven by a high number of petty theft crimes in Bath and a lot of burglaries in rural areas of the county.

The criminal defense lawyers at WTB Law represent clients in Sagadahoc County who have been accused of theft, burglary, and other types of criminal charges, including:

With the strenuous and diligent defense provided by WTB Law, you can invoke your rights and protect your future from a serious criminal conviction for something you did not do.

OUI in Sagadahoc County

Another common criminal charge for people in Sagadahoc County to face is operating under the influence (OUI). There are different types of OUI in Maine, including:

Arrests for OUI crimes like these happen most often in the Bath and West Bath area. Route 1 is a hotspot for saturation patrols on weekends and in the evenings, though Interstate 295 in the Bowdoin area sees lots of police action as well, especially during the school year. Lots of other OUI cases begin on Route 127, which runs the length of Sagadahoc County from Georgetown in the south through Woolwich and towards Richmond in the north.

Another hotspot for OUI arrests is in Brunswick, particularly around the Bowdoin College campus. With nearly 2,000 students - only some of whom are of drinking age - and a vibrant drinking atmosphere, police patrol for OUIs regularly and make dozens of arrests every year.

Sagadahoc County has recently taken a keen interest in reducing the number of OUIs in the area after being in the five worst counties in the state for alcohol-impaired crashes in 2017. In 2018, Sagadahoc County police used a $21,000 grant to run 2 sobriety checkpoints and 18 saturation patrols in the summer. These efforts created 13 OUI arrests, 55 citations, and 662 traffic warnings.

Efforts like these, however, often pull innocent drivers into the criminal justice system with groundless accusations of drunk or drugged driving. The OUI defense lawyers at WTB Law can help you fight the allegations you face.

Sex Crime Defense in Sagadahoc County, Maine

Being accused of a sex crime can be one of the most traumatic experiences you ever deal with. Just the allegation can make people look at you differently, can cause serious personal and social problems, and can even impact your job. If not defended against, these allegations can turn into a conviction that carries a fine, a jail sentence, and possibly even a sex offender registration requirement.

Some of the most common sex crimes filed in Sagadahoc County include:

Convictions for the worst of these sex crime charges can require you to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life after your release from prison. Maine's sex offender registry is publicly accessible, so everyone can see that you were once found guilty of a sex offense – from your boss to your neighbor to your closest friends.

Preventing these convictions is something that the sex crime defense lawyers at WTB Law strive to do.

Boating, Fishing, Hunting, and ATV Laws in Sagadahoc County

Sagadahoc County has lots of outdoor areas that people can enjoy, though not necessarily to their heart's content. There are numerous laws that apply to how you care for the outdoors and what you do there. Violating Title 12 – the portion of Maine's laws that covers the state's natural resources – can lead to serious repercussions.

Some of the most common Title 12 violations include:

The lawyers at WTB Law can also help you defend against Title 12 allegations.

Courts in Sagadahoc County

Which court will hear your case will depend on the nature of the alleged crime.

Most criminal cases in Sagadahoc County are heard by the West Bath District Court at 101 New Meadows Road, in West Bath, Maine. If you demand a jury trial, though, it will likely get transferred to the Sagadahoc County Superior Court. That courthouse is located at 752 High Street, in Bath, Maine.

OUIs begin in the West Bath District Court and stay there through the arraignment process and then are transferred into the Portland Unified Criminal Docket and heard at the Maine District Court at 205 Newbury Street, in Portland.

Regardless of the accusations against you, the case will be prosecuted by the Sagadahoc District Attorney's Office.

Criminal Defense in Sagadahoc County at WTB Law

The criminal defense lawyers at WTB Law strive to legally represent and defend people who have been accused of crimes in Sagadahoc County. Contact us online or call us at (207) 571-8146 for the legal help you need, regardless of the type of criminal charge you face.

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