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Piscataquis County is Maine's least populated county with fewer than 20,000 residents. However, just because very few people live in the area does not mean that criminal charges are nonexistent. People still get accused of breaking the law and arrested all the time in Piscataquis County, especially in the following areas:

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer like those at WTB Law can be the best move you make if you have been accused of a crime. With our legal knowledge, trial experience, and understanding of the local legal system in Piscataquis County, the attorneys at WTB Law can invoke your rights, challenge the prosecutor's side of the story and protect your future from a damning criminal conviction that can alter the course of your life.

Criminal Defense at WTB Law in Piscataquis County, Maine

Piscataquis County is one of the safest in the state of Maine. According to 2017 crime data for Maine, the crime rate for Piscataquis County was only 10.55, meaning that was the number of index crimes over the course of the year per 1,000 residents. For the state as a whole, the crime rate was 16.32. Milo was among the safest non-rural communities in the state with a crime rate of only 3.1 for 2017.

As is par for the course, the crimes that did happen in Piscataquis County were predominantly property crimes. While more common, property crimes tend to carry lower penalties. Some of the most common include:

In contrast to property crimes, there are also violent crimes. While less common, they tend to carry penalties that are far higher. Examples of violent crimes in Piscataquis County include:

The criminal defense lawyers at WTB Law can defend you against any of these criminal charges.

Allegations of Sex Crimes in Piscataquis County

In addition to violent and property crimes, there are also sex crimes. These are criminal offenses that are motivated by sexual gratification rather than violence or getting someone else's stuff. Ranging from least to most severe, the sex crime allegations you can face in Piscataquis County include:

If the offense was especially severe, one of the costs of a conviction is the requirement that you register as a sex offender. This requirement can last for the rest of your life in some cases. Because anyone can log into the registry of sex offenders in Maine, your prior conviction of a serious sex offense can quickly become public knowledge. Keeping your past conviction a secret is often impossible, which can make it extremely difficult to move on with your life. Family, friends, and employers can all see your past conviction and judge you negatively.

Defending against an allegation of a sex crime becomes all the more important when sex offender registration is one of the penalties you could face for a conviction. The lawyers at WTB Law can help you avoid this.

Title 12 Violations in Maine: Your Outdoor Rights are at Risk

In Maine, Title 12 is the collection of laws that regulates the outdoors. You can break these laws and regulations by doing things like:

Piscataquis County is full of natural resources, from Moosehead Lake to Baxter State Park. Title 12 is a major set of headaches and regulations that you have to follow. The lawyers at WTB Law can help you avoid a problem or can protect you if you have been accused of violating one of the laws in Title 12.

OUIs in Piscataquis County

Operating under the influence (OUI) is as illegal in Piscataquis County as it is in the rest of Maine. Avoiding an arrest and a charge for OUI, though, is not always easy. OUI arrests are often the result of poor decisions made while you were not thinking straight, rather than an intentional act that you knew was going to break the law.

Unfortunately, political pressures have made the penalties for an OUI conviction extremely steep, far outpacing the severity of the offense. This is especially the case if your OUI offense allegedly involves any of the following situations:

Many of these offenses begin with arrests in the southern part of Piscataquis County, where most of the population lives and where most of the bars and nightlife can be found. Dover-Foxcroft is an especially common source for OUI offenses, particularly along Route 6 between Dover-Foxcroft and Milo.

The Court Process in Piscataquis County

Criminal charges that are filed in Piscataquis County are pursued by the lawyers at the Piscataquis County District Attorney's Office.

The cases are heard at the Piscataquis County Superior Court, which is located at 159 East Main Street in Dover-Foxcroft. This is true, even if you were arrested in the northern reaches of Piscataquis County. With such a far drive and no major roadway to get you to court, you could easily be facing a three-hour drive.

To make matters worse, the Piscataquis County Superior Court is not in the Unified Criminal Docket that is in use in southern Maine, so your personal presence is required at your arraignment rather than just the presence of your attorney.

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