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Maine Personal Injury Lawyer

When an accident occurs and someone is seriously injured or killed due to no fault of their own, the party responsible for the accident can be held liable for the financial damages that resulted. This can include medical bills, lost wages from an inability to work, funeral expenses and more. Unfortunately, injured parties are not always offered the compensation they deserve right away. Even when insurance will cover the damages, companies are not eager to pay what's fair. For those reasons, a personal injury attorney is the best way to make sure that you get the compensation that you need.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of an accident in Maine, contact WTB Law today to find out more about your rights. Our injury lawyers can handle your case no matter how your accident occurred. According to the National Safety Council, the average economic cost in 2011 of death resulting from an unintentional accident was over 1 million dollars and the average cost of a nonfatal disability injury resulting from an auto accident was about $78,000. Without seeking compensation, your family will be left to pick up this bill.

Areas of Maine Personal Injury

Any type of accident resulting from negligence that leads to serious injury or death can be the grounds for a personal injury claim. Some of the most common types of accidents include the following:

Slip and Fall: A slip and fall occurs when somebody enters a business, store, public place or any property that was not properly maintained and suffers an injury after slipping on a hazard. Common examples include shoppers slipping on ice in the parking lot of a store or visitors slipping on an unmarked wet floor in an office. Landowners and management have a responsibility to visitors to keep property relatively safe and to warn them of hazards such as wet floors or ice.

Wrongful Death: A wrongful death can occur when a life is lost in any type of accident that could have been avoided if the responsible party had exercise more care. For example, a driver who is kill after being hit by another driver who was not paying attention to the road. In addition to auto accidents, a wrongful death can result from a defective product injury, a premises liability accident, a slip and fall or any other type of accident. In wrongful death cases, the deceased's families are the parties eligible for compensation.

Auto Accidents: One of the most common types of personal injury accidents is an auto crash. These cases arise when a person is injured after being involved in a car, truck, bus, motorcycle or any other type of auto accident where the other driver was responsible for the collision. Seeking compensation for auto accident injuries is very important. The CDC estimates that, every year, auto accident related deaths cost Maine about $159 million including $2 million in medical bills and $157 million in work loss costs.

Product Liability: When a designer, manufacturer distributor or any other party along the line of product development is negligent and a user is hurt, they can be held liable for the damages. Consumer products including heaters, children's toys, and even automobiles, carry 2 types of warranties: expressed and implied. This means that products should perform the way that they were intended to and be relatively safe. If a product violates either of these warranties and that results in injury, this may be the grounds for a product liability case by the victim or their family.

Experienced Injury Defense in Maine

Many people injured in an accident believe that the insurance company will give them a fair settlement. This is not always the case. The best way to make sure that you get the compensation you and your family need is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident that was caused by another person's negligence, call WTB Law. We work with clients all over the State of Maine including Portland, Bangor, Auburn, Biddeford and Augusta and will stop at nothing to get you the results you want. Call us now to find out more about your rights.


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