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If you get arrested for operating under the influence (OUI) in Lincoln county, Maine, the court that will be hearing case will be the one in Wiscasset. The courthouse is located at 32 High Street, Wiscasset, Maine, and houses both the Maine District Court, as well as the Lincoln County Superior Court. The building made of brick, is two stories tall, and built on a hill just off Route 1, on the western fringes of downtown Wiscasset. Driving directions are available using Google Maps, and are also posted on the court's website.


Parking at the courthouse in Wiscasset is extremely limited. While there is a lot directly behind the courthouse, on top of the hill, it fills up quickly. There is additional parking down the hill and further west, near the police station. Give yourself some extra time, in case there are no spots in the courthouse's parking lot – it's a short walk from the parking area near the police station.


There's only one old courtroom in the Wiscasset Courthouse, on the second floor of the building. A number of judges and justices handle criminal cases during different times of year in the Wiscasset Courthouse, including Hon. Barbara Raimondi, Hon. Dan Billings, and Hon. Donald Martin, an active, but retired, judge. Other judges can rotate into the Wiscasset Courthouse, if there's a need for them to help out.

You can access the courtroom on the second floor using either the stairs or the elevator. The stairs are directly in front of you when you enter the building through the main entrance. If you need to use the elevator, enter the building through the alternate entrance, near the main one, and the elevator will be right nearby.

If you need to visit the court clerk, their office is also on the second floor, down the hall from the main courtroom.


The District Attorney in charge of Lincoln County is Geoff Rushlaw. Mr. Rushlau also the District Attorney for Sagadahoc and Knox counties, as well, giving him the most territory of all district attorneys in the state of Maine. He's also the second-longest running district attorney in the state, behind only Cumberland County's Stephanie Anderson. Mr. Rushlau has held his position since his appointment in 1993, and reelection in 1994.

While Mr. Rushlau has a tough stance on OUI charges, he has an experienced staff of assistant district attorneys, and generally gives them the power to drop charges to a lesser offense without prior approval.

If you or someone you know are facing OUI charges in Wiscasset, call the offices of William T. Bly. He's built a reputation defending against OUI charges, and knows how things are run in Wiscasset, as well as elsewhere in the state of Maine. (207) 571-8146.


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