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Location of Court

If you're in Springvale, Maine, when you get arrested for operating under the influence (OUI), then your case will be handled in the Springvale District Court. This court is located at 447 Main Street, in downtown Springvale, Maine, right next to the library. The courthouse is a modern-looking, boxy building that seems to have been built using half a dozen different building materials. You can find driving directions online, using either the court's website or Google Maps.


For your court appearance, you can either park on the street, or in the parking lot behind the courthouse. This lot is shared with the Springvale Career Center, though, so parking can be tight. Prepare to get to the courthouse a little bit early, just in case you strike out in this back lot and have to search for street parking. You don't want to be late for a court appearance.


There is only one entrance to the Springvale District Court. It's located on the side of the building facing Route 109, at the western corner. Once you've entered the building, you'll be directed through an entryway and into another room. There, you'll find the court security detail. To go any further, you'll have to empty your pockets and pass through a metal detector. Any metallic items in your pockets, along with any bags you're carrying into the building, will be scanned separately, so be mindful of what you're bringing into the building.

All of the court proceedings at the Springvale District Court take place in the building's only courtroom, located on the first floor. This courtroom is small, though, so seating is limited. After calling the list for arraignments or for trial, defendants will be asked to sit outside the courtroom in a small seating area. Seating is limited here, as well, however, so you may find yourself standing for an hour or more. Bring a book and some patience. Everyone has to go through the same ordeal.


If you have a conference at the arraignment with the district attorney assigned to your case, you'll meet with them in a tiny room next to the courtroom, on the first floor of the Springvale District Courthouse. You'll be packed into this tiny room with people from the district attorney's office, as well as law enforcement personnel responsible for your case. This is where you'll argue your side of the situation. Typically, though, cases can't be resolved at the arraignment, and your case will be given a date for a bench trial in front of a judge at the Springvale District Court. If you request a jury trial, however, your case will be transferred, and assigned a trial date in the nearby Alfred Superior Court.


Because Springvale is located in York County, Maine, it is under the jurisdiction of the York County District Attorney's Office. This office is headed by District Attorney Kathy Slattery. However, two Assistant District Attorneys, Linda Donovan, and Johanna Gauvreau, tend to make the decisions in Springvale. They'll likely be the ones that end up handling your case.

If you're facing OUI charges in Springvale, call the law offices of William T. Bly, and tap into his knowledge of the area and the local practices: (207) 571-8146.

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