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South Portland is a city in Cumberland County, Maine. As its name implies, it sits on the southern border of Portland. However, South Portland was never a part of the main city – it was carved out of neighboring Cape Elizabeth in the 19th century. With a population of 25,002 in the 2010 census, South Portland is the fourth-largest city in Maine, behind Portland, Lewiston, and Bangor. Situated on the banks of Portland Harbor, South Portland has become a shipping hub, with a very active harbor.

Its close proximity to Portland has meant that many of the people who can afford to live in the city's suburbs reside in South Portland. As a result, South Portland is a relatively wealthy area for the state of Maine: Its median household income in 2013 was $50,374, slightly higher than the state average of $46,974.

However, South Portland still suffers from the same crime rates as the neighboring city to the north does, with property crime rates near the national average. Despite the high property crime rates, though, violent crimes in South Portland are still significantly below the national average. In an effort to keep the crime rates low, South Portland's police force is significantly larger than the state average, with 2.15 full time law enforcement officers per 1,000 residents. The state average for Maine is 1.69 officers.

The South Portland Police Department aggressively enforces Maine's tough DUI laws. All South Portland PD cruisers have video recording systems and hopefully, in the future, all officers will be equipped with body camera systems. South Portland PD officers are trained in DUI detection and enforcement through the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and receive the same, identical training in DUI enforcement as every other officer in Maine.

Location of Court

If you get arrested in South Portland for a crime, including for operating under the influence (OUI), then your case will be heard at the Portland Unified Criminal Court. For more details on this court, including where to park, the unique process of the Criminal Court, and other things to note about the courthouse itself, please see this Portland Criminal Court page.


As South Portland sits within Cumberland County, Stephanie Anderson is the District Attorney that will be in charge of the prosecution. Ms. Anderson splits her office into teams, each of which is in charge of particular police departments, and headed by an experienced prosecutor. Ms. Anderson herself has extensive experience as a prosecutor, having held her district attorney position since 1991, an unbroken string of five terms.

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