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South Portland is located in Cumberland County, directly across from Portland.  South Portland is an oceanside community and according to Wikipedia, is the fourth largest city in the state with a population of approximately 25,000.  South Portland has one of the larger police forces in the state of Maine and ranks only behind Portland and Bangor for numbers of police officers. South Portland PD aggressively enforces Maine's strict OUI laws and runs DUI saturation patrols during most weekends and holidays.  It's typically during these saturation patrols that the South Portland PD makes the majority of their arrests.  The South Portland PD is located at 30 Anthonie Street in South Portland.  The police station itself is within a few hundred yards of the South Portland Bridge, which connects South Portland to Portland.

Most, if not all, South Portland PD cruisers are equipped with video camera systems.  Video footage of a DUI arrest can prove extremely helpful to a skilled OUI defense attorney.  Make sure your attorney understands the proper procedures and channels for obtaining the cruiser video footage.  Failure to follow certain guidelines may result in the loss of that video when you need it most... for the defense of your case.  In addition, South Portland Police Department's booking and Intoxilyzer areas are wired for video and sound.  The same principals concerning the preservation of cruiser video evidence applies here as well.

The vast majority of OUI arrests are brought to the Cumberland County Jail for breath testing and processing.  The Cumberland County Jail is located at 50 County Way in Portland.  County Way can only be accessed in one direction from Congress Street and is located near the intersection of St. John Street.  If you're brought to the jail for processing, you'll have to post some amount of cash bail; typically anywhere from $300.00 - $750.00.  If you can't post the bail, you'll be held at the jail until you can be brought before the court where a judge will set your bail.  Typically, people are brought before the court within 24 hours of their arrest.

Location of Courthouse & DA's Office

South Portland PD cases are prosecuted by District Attorney Stephanie Andersen and her team of assistant district attorneys.  Those cases are heard at the Cumberland County Uniform Criminal Docket, which is located in the Cumberland County courthouse.  In most cases, arraignments for misdemeanors are conducted in courtroom number #1, which is located on the first floor, immediately to the right of the security screening section.  Most trials and hearings are conducted on the 2nd floor in either courtroom #7, courtroom #8 or courtroom #11.  Courtroom #11 is located in the "old part of the building" and is the largest courtroom in the courthouse.  The majority of all trials take place in courtroom #11.

The district attorney's office is located off to the left of the court security screening station.  As you enter the building and pass through the security screening station, you'll need to take an immediate left, proceed through a door, down 4 stairs and enter the 2nd door on your left.  This is where the DA's front office is located and where you can obtain additional information about your case.

Important Facts & Issues

Expect to be screened by court security.  Do NOT bring any weapons or drugs into the courthouse.  You'll be immediately arrested and prosecuted.  Court security screening is aggressive and all persons will be subject to wanding after proceeding through a metal detector.  All bags are subject to search and are run through a CT scanner, which will allow the security officer to observe all of the contents of your bag, in color, without ever opening the bag.  If something suspicious is viewed in your bag, it will be subject to immediate search.

Parking is at a premium in Portland.  There is an indoor parking garage located immediately across the street from the courthouse.  Parking is charged at $3.00 per hour and most credit cards are accepted.  There is an outdoor parking lot located two blocks away on the corner of Pearl and Congress streets.  Parking is $2.00 per hour and the only acceptable method of payment is cash.  Parking spots are extremely tight and car doors are often damaged by inattentive and/or uncaring drivers when they enter/exit their cars.

On days where you may be picking a jury, arrive early.  Otherwise, you'll likely find yourself standing outside in a long line as you wait to enter the courthouse and to pass through the security checkpoint.  If Murphy's Law holds true, you'll be standing outside, in the rain, without an umbrella, in 35 degree weather.  And you'll be miserable.  So plan ahead and arrive early.


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