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Searsport is a small town located along the coastline of central Maine, just south of Bangor. With a population of 2,615 in the 2010 census, Searsport is one of the many small, quaint towns lining Maine's gorgeous rocky coastline. Searsport has a long and rich history as a maritime center, going as far back as the 18th century. Home to the second-deepest port in the entire northeast, behind only eastern Maine's Eastport, Searsport was a ship-building hub in the 1800s, with no fewer than 17 shipyards calling its port home. During this time, Searsport was also the source of 10% of the country's deep water shipping captains, despite its small population. While this reputation has slipped in recent decades into the renowned Penobscot Marine Museum, Searsport is still one of the busiest ports in the northeast.

As a blue collar, shipping town located far from Maine's affluent southern tip, Searsport's median household income is $25,647, barely half as much as the state's average. This translates into property crime rates that are higher than typical for Maine, though still lower than the national average. However, violent crimes are still nearly unheard of in Searsport, following the Maine norm.

Location of Court

If you get pulled over and charged for operating under the influence (OUI) in Searsport, Maine, your case will be heard by the courts in nearby Belfast. For details on the two courthouses in Belfast, as well as parking information and details about the courtrooms, please see this page.


The district attorney in charge of prosecuting criminal charges filed in Searsport and the rest of Waldo County is Geoffery Rushlau. Mr. Rushlau is also in charge of Sagadahoc, Lincoln, and Knox counties, as well, giving him the largest jurisdiction in the entire state of Maine. He has served in his position since 1993, making him the second-longest tenured district attorney in Maine, behind only Cumberland County's Stephanie Anderson. However, Mr. Rushlau only won his seventh term by an incredibly slim margin.

Unfortunately, Mr. Rushlau has a tough stance on OUI charges. However, his assistant district attorneys have a lot of experience, and he typically gives them a significant amount of discretion to drop charges down to a lesser offense without his prior approval. As a result, negotiations for OUI charges in Searsport are possible, and can lead to resolutions without a trial; as long as you have the right attorney.

Attorney William T. Bly

Like in the rest of Maine, OUI charges are serious matters in Searsport. The penalties for an OUI conviction are serious, and can include hefty fines, a lengthy license suspension, and possibly even jail time. Turnover amongst Mr. Rushlau's assistant district attorneys has been relatively low and these are dedicated prosecutors who will hold you and your attorney's collective feet to the fire if you approach the case from the wrong "angle". Don't make the mistake of retaining an inexperienced defense attorney who is unfamiliar with this particular group of prosectors.

Having an experienced OUI-defense attorney like William T. Bly on your side before, during, and after your trial can be the difference between an outcome you can handle, and one you can't. Call WTB Law at (207) 571-8146 or contact him online.

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