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Saco is located in York County, Maine and is the sister city to Biddeford.  It's a small city, located on the banks of the Saco river, and is close to the ocean.  The population census taken back in 2010 indicate that Saco has a population of approximately 18,500 people.  Saco is an old mill town that is making a comeback, similar to other mill towns such as Biddeford and Lewiston.  The old mills are slowly being converted into condos, shops and restaurants, which attracts visitors from far and wide.  As with most of Maine, Saco is an expensive place to live with the cost of living nearly 15% higher than average.


All cases originating with the Saco Police Department are initially heard in the Biddeford District Courthouse.  There are 4 different courthouses in York County.  Three different district courts located in the towns of Biddeford, Springvale and York and a single superior court located in Alfred, which is the county seat.  There are only three courtrooms in the building with all criminal cases being heard in courtroom #1.  

The Biddeford District Courthouse is located at 25 Adams Street, which is a small, one floor building, with the local District Attorney's Office located on the bottom floor.  The courthouse entry faces Adams Street and is difficult to miss.  Unfortunately, parking is at a premium in Biddeford, with most parking spots being limited to a single hour; so plan ahead.  Security screening is tight in this courthouse so take that into account if it appears you'll be late to court.  

Finally, all arraignments begin with a video explaining your constitutional rights and the criminal process.  If you're late and miss part of the video, the judge will not take your plea and will order you to speak with the lawyer of the day, who will explain your rights to you directly.

You can find driving directions on Google Maps, or on the court's website.


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As with all York County Cases, OUI charges originating with the Saco PD are handled by the York County District Attorney's Office.  The York County DA's Office is headed by District Attorney Kathryn Slattery and Deputy District Attorney Justina McGettigan.  Each courthouse is staffed by Assistant District Attorneys who are charged with handling all cases originating with that courthouse.

At the time of the publication of this page, there are two prosecutors responsible for cases originating with Biddeford District Court.  If your case can't be resolved in District Court, the case will be transferred to Superior Court, which is located in Alfred.  There is a high probability that your District Court prosecutor will follow the case when it's transferred to Superior Court.

The York County District Attorney's Office is one of the more reasonable DA offices in the state of Maine.  However, like most DA offices, they are extremely difficult to deal with on certain criminal offenses.  Those cases include but are not limited to OUI / DUI charges and charges including an allegation of Domestic Violence.

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