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Rangeley is a small town near the northwestern corner of Maine, near the borders of Vermont and Canada. Located between the headwaters of both the Androscoggin and the Kennebec Rivers, on the shore of Rangeley Lake, and in the midst of the Western Maine Mountains, Rangeley has developed into a resort town, centered on the surrounding scenery and fishing. The town's population during the 2010 census was 1,168, though the number of people in Rangeley at any one time can fluctuate wildly, as people visit and leave constantly.

Stats show that, as a resort town, the typical Rangeley resident is older than a typical Mainer. However, the median household income in Rangeley ($42,822) is lower than for the rest of Maine ($46,974), suggesting that locals are too poor for affluent retirees to boost the income numbers over the state average.

Crime statistics reinforce this idea. Even though it is a resort town, with lots of affluent visitors and long-term residents, Rangeley's property crime stats are often within site of the U.S. national average, putting them above the state's figures. Per usual in the state of Maine, though, the number of violent crimes in Rangeley is very low.

Alcohol and drug related offenses are much more common in rural areas such as Rangeley. And because there is a healthy tourism industry centered on Rangeley outdoor activities (fly fishing, snowmobiling and skiing), many people get busted and charged with drunk driving offenses. Oftentimes, these folks are from out of state.

Location of Court

If you get arrested and charged for operating under the influence (OUI) in Rangeley, your case will go before the Farmington District Courthouse, in Farmington, Maine. Unfortunately, this trip can easily take an hour to make.

For more information on the Farmington District Courthouse, including directions and parking details, please see our Farmington page.


District Attorney Andrew Robinson is the prosecutor for Androscoggin, Oxford, and Franklin Counties. If you get charged for a crime in Rangeley, Mr. Robinson's office will be in charge of prosecuting you in court. Luckily, when it comes to OUI cases, Mr. Robinson does not have enforce a strict policy against negotiating, like some other prosecutors in the state do. Because his office is more accommodating, a fair and reasonable resolution is much more likely to be found without a trial.

However, with that said, DA Robinson's team of prosecutors is experienced and willing to enforce Maine state law. Drunk driving charges are serious charges and are treated as such by the Franklin County DA's Office. Don't expect to be able to just walk through the door and obtain a dismissal. You'll need an experienced DUI attorney to achieve that outcome.

Attorney William T. Bly

The consequences of getting convicted for OUI are serious. If you charged with OUI in Rangeley, you'll want to have an experienced and dedicated OUI-defense attorney on your side who can fight for you both in and out of court. William T. Bly is the premier OUI-defense attorney in the region. With his extensive knowledge of OUI investigation and prosecution, familiarity with local court rules and procedure, and highly-refined trial tactics, hiring William T. Bly to defend you against a serious OUI charge can be the best decision you make.

Call his law office at (207) 571-8146 or contact him online.

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