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Location of Court

If you get pulled over, arrested, and charged with operating under the influence (OUI, also known as drunk driving) in Newport, Maine, then your case will NOT go before the court at the Newport District Court. However, civil offenses, family matters and probate issues are still handled at this courthouse. This court is located just off Route 2, at 12 Water Street, in Newport, Maine, in a single-story white building that has a sign out front saying “Maine District Court.”

You can get driving directions to the Newport District Court using Google Maps, or the court's website.

Penobscot county criminal cases are handled exclusively at the Penobscot County Judicial Center in downtown Bangor.


Because it's not a very busy courthouse, the parking lot surrounding the Newport District Court is more than enough for the court's day-to-day activities. You shouldn't have a problem finding a spot, there.


The District Attorney is the lead prosecutor for the county in which he or she sits. For Penobscot County, the District Attorney is Chris Almy. Unfortunately, Mr. Almy has a strict “no negotiation” policy, when it comes to OUI cases in his office. His assistance prosecutors know this, and are aware that, if they drop an OUI charge down to a lesser offense, they'll be looking for a new job, very soon. In one sense, Mr. Almy's policy against plea deals makes OUIs in Newport very simple – without a negotiation process, the case goes straight to trial.

If you've been charged for OUI in Newport, you'll need a top-notch defense attorney to fight against the criminal charge. Call at (207) 571-8146. He's built a reputation as a tough OUI defense lawyer throughout southern and central Maine, and is familiar with the tactics of the prosecutors at the Newport District Court.

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