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Location of Court

If you get arrested for operating your vehicle while under the influence (OUI) in Bridgton, your case will be dealt with at the Maine District Court, in Bridgton, Maine. The courthouse is located in the Sebago Lakes Region of Cumberland County, at 3 Chase Street. The building is near Bridgton's small downtown area, close to the Town Hall, and where Route 302 meets Route 117. The Bridgton District Court is a small outpost of a courthouse, a far cry from the large, intimidating buildings that people tend to think of when they're looking for a courthouse. Look for the sign out front that says “Town of Bridgton – Municipal Complex.”

You can find driving directions online, on either Google Maps, or the court's website.


Unlike many of the other courts in the area, there is plenty of parking immediately surrounding the Bridgton District Court. Even on special days that call for large numbers of criminal defendants, as well as their families, attorneys, and police officers, the large lot has proven to have plenty of capacity.


The small building that houses the Bridgton District Court only has one courtroom. Most of the cases heard there are family law matters, such as divorce actions and protection from abuse cases. However, criminal cases can be initiated at the Bridgton District Court, depending on the locale of arrest.


The Bridgton District Court is unique in that it serves two different counties. Both Cumberland and Oxford County put cases through its small courtroom. This will change at some point in 2016, though, when Oxford County will be moved to the Unified Criminal Docket system. Once that happens, jury trial requests will no longer be necessary, as jury trials are the default for all criminal cases in the Unified Criminal Docket. However, until that happens, the Bridgton District Court uses some tricky case transfers to keep its docket moving.

Depending on where the arrest was made, your case may be transferred out of the Bridgton District Court, and into the Unified Criminal Docket, in Portland, Maine. This impacts arrests that occur in the following towns:

  • Bridgton
  • Baldwin
  • Brownfield
  • Casco
  • Denmark
  • Harrison
  • Hiram
  • Lovell
  • Naples
  • Porter
  • Raymond
  • Sebago
  • Stow
  • Sweden

If your arrest happened in one of these towns, then your arraignment will happen at the Bridgton District Court. Immediately following the arraignment, your case will be transferred into the Unified Criminal Docket, in Portland. Alternatively, in the case of some of these towns, if you wish to have a jury trial, you or your attorney will have to transfer the case to Oxford County Superior Court, instead.


There are two district attorney offices that cover the Bridgton District Court – the Cumberland County District Attorney's Office, and the Oxford County District Attorney's Office. The Cumberland County Office is led by Stephanie Anderson, and has been since 1991. She's divided her office of prosecutors into teams, each with an experienced attorney, and responsible for all cases coming from certain police departments. Oxford County is led by Andrew Robinson, who has been the District Attorney since 2014. Oxford County Superior Court has two lead Assistant District Attorneys; Richard R. Beauchesne and Joseph O'Connor. Both of these ADAs are excellent attorneys and more importantly, fair minded individuals.

If you have any questions about the criminal process at the Bridgton District Court, don't hesitate to tap into the experience that attorney William T. Bly has built over years working in the area: (207) 571-8146.

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