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Biddeford is a small city in York County, Maine, with a population of just over 20,000. Right across the River from its twin city, Saco; Biddeford is going through a revitalization effort to bring businesses to the area and capitalize on the seacoast region's recent growth. Many of the buildings on the Saco River that previously housed textile mills have been renovated, and replaced with restaurants and other retail stores. These mills had been vacant for years since the textile businesses disappeared after the market began a slow but inevitable downturn throughout the 20th century.

Compared to the rest of Maine, Biddeford is right in the middle when it comes to affluence. While the state of Maine had a median household income of $37,240 in the 2000 census, Biddeford's was $37,164.

However, studies have shown that Biddeford has a violent and property crime rate that's above the U.S. average. In 2013, there were a total of 119 violent crimes and 1,139 property crimes committed in Biddeford, giving the city's residents just a 1 in 17 chance of being the victim of a crime over the course of the year.

These figures also show that Biddeford's police force is larger than most other forces in Maine, at least when compared to how many officers there are, per 1,000 residents. While the average Maine police department had 1.69 officers per 1,000 residents in 2013, Biddeford's police force had 2.16 officers.

Location of Court

If you get arrested and charged for operating under the influence in Biddeford, your case will go before the District Court in Biddeford. This court is located at 25 Adams Street, in a low brick building that was built on an incline. The courthouse has a stone entranceway with tall windows and the words “Maine District Court” on top.

Due to one-way streets and a five-way intersection nearby, this part of Biddeford can be difficult to navigate, if you're not familiar with the area, so you would be wise to plan ahead and allow yourself some extra time to find the courthouse for your appearance.

You can find driving directions on Google Maps, or on the court's website.


There is a limited amount of street parking immediately in front of the Biddeford District Court, on Adams St. In the likely event that these few spots are already taken, there's also a small parking lot behind the courthouse, as well. If you park in this lot, though, be sure to display your parking permit prominently, or you may get ticketed or towed.


As it's located in York County, if you get charged with an OUI in Biddeford, your case will be prosecuted by the York County District Attorney's Office. This office has two primary assistant district attorneys who are responsible for handling all of the criminal matters that comes through it, including OUIs. If you're in the Biddeford District Court for a traffic violation, however, like a speeding ticket, you'll deal directly with the police officer or state trooper who issued the court summons, which can be more imposing and uncomfortable.

Attorney William T. Bly

William T. Bly is an OUI and criminal defense attorney with experience throughout southern Maine. He is especially familiar with the criminal process in and around Biddeford, Maine, as he runs his law firm only a couple of buildings from the Biddeford District Court. The familiarity that he has with the judges and prosecutors in Biddeford make William T. Bly incredibly valuable to have on your side, if you're facing criminal charges in Biddeford. Contact him online or by calling his law office at (207) 571-8146.

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