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What is Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Insurance?

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When a person is injured in an auto accident in Maine that is caused by another party, they turn to that person's auto insurance to be compensated for their injuries and property damage. But what if there is no insurance company to deal with? This can be the case in a number of situations like when a driver does not have insurance or in cases of a hit and run accident. In some situations, the negligent driver will have liability coverage, but not enough to cover the expenses of the victim.

In Maine, all drivers are required to have auto insurance. Furthermore, all drivers must have a minimum of uninsured (UM) and underinsured (UIM) coverage of $50,000 per person with a maximum of $100,000 per accident. The purpose of this coverage is to protect the victim in the event that they are injured in an accident caused by a driver with no insurance too little insurance. If you have been hurt in an auto accident in Maine, call an injury lawyer right away.

Types of Accidents Eligible for Uninsured / Underinsured Claims

Any accident that results in injury or death that was caused by a negligent party may be the subject of an injury claim. However, when the negligent party has no insurance or not enough coverage, a claim may be placed against the victim's own insurance carrier. Some accidents that could result in the need for an Uninsured / Underinsured motorist claim include the following:

  • Accidents involving a driver with no auto insurance
  • Accidents involving a driver who does not stop at the scene of the crash
  • Accidents involving a driver who has a lower amount of coverage with their insurance than the victim's underinsured motorist coverage

UIM and UM also apply to accidents involving pedestrians, bicyclists and off road vehicles. To find out more about whether your insurance policy may be able to cover some of your injury-related expenses, contact a Maine injury attorney.

Call An Experienced Injury Attorney

Getting the compensation that you need is not always easy. UM and UIM insurance can be difficult to understand. That is why anyone who is hurt in a motor vehicle crash in Maine should speak to a lawyer right away. At WTB Law, our attorneys will make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve. Whether it means filing a claim with the negligent party's insurance or your own, we will handle the heavy lifting so that you do not have to worry about it.

Your injury lawyer will also speak to the insurance company on your behalf and make sure that your injuries and medical expenses are well-documented, allowing you to focus on getting better. We know that a serious accident can be difficult on both the victim and their family. That is why we strive to do everything in our power to make the process easy for you. Call our office now to get started.


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