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High Net Worth Divorces in Maine

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Filing for divorce is never an easy process. Divorces involving couples with a high net worth can be particularly complicated. This is usually because these situations involve a large number of assets that need to be divided.  In these cases, it is particularly important to make sure that you have the best legal assistance available. At WTB Law, we will work hard to help you settle your divorce as quickly and amicably as possible.

Common Concerns in a High Net Worth Divorce

A couple with a high net worth is likely to face more obstacles in their divorce. A few of the common issues that arise in divorce cases involving couples with high assets include the following:

  • Dividing the Assets – In Maine, couples who are divorcing must decide how to divide their property. This includes all types of property such as real estate, stocks, businesses, retirement accounts and other assets. The more affluent a family is, the more likely they are to have more assets, making this process all the more difficult. Maine is an equitable distribution state which means that, if left to the court, the judge will divide the property of a divorcing couple as evenly as possible.
  • Prenuptial Agreements – Couples with a high net worth often have assets they would like to protect, even before the marriage. This means that many couples will have signed a prenuptial or premarital agreement before they were married in order to protect certain assets and allow them certain rights in the event of a divorce. It is important that parties hire a divorce attorney that understands premarital agreements and how they can be enforced or rendered invalid.
  • Real Estate – In a divorce involving a large amount of real estate, not all property will be considered marital property depending on when or how the property was acquired. It is vital in this situation to have a divorce lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the division of real estate.
  • Childcare Expenses – In a divorce settlement involving children, couples in Maine must reach an agreement as to who which parent will be responsible for the decision-making and expenses for the child. Couples with high net incomes often have more expenses in this category including things like private school tuition, nannies and more. This means more expenses that parents will have to divide as well as decide who will be responsible for making decisions regarding each aspect of the child's life.

Portland High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

If you are considering divorce in Maine and have a high net worth, contact a divorce attorney at WTB Law today. A complex divorce means that you need an attorney who gives you personalized attention and care. To speak with a family law attorney, call our office right now and set up a consultation.


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