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Maine Defense Attorney Blog Archive 2011 - 2012

Maine Defense Attorney Blog Archive 2011 - 2012

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DUI Changes for 2010

More DUI Law Changes in 2010

What can I expect at my initial appearance before a federal magistrate on a drug charge?

Possible Results of an OUI Conviction

States Adding Ignition Interlock Laws in 2011

How a simple assault can change your life...

Real life is not like CSI

Drugs and Criminal Forfeiture in Maine

What to expect when you go to trial

Bail Conditions at Arraignment

Is the Unauthorized Use of Property a Crime?

Underage Drinking and Driving Information

When a DUI Becomes a Felony Offense

Effect of a Maine DUI conviction on an out-of-state license holder

Maine drivers and out of state DWI charges

Criminal Defense 101 - Episode 1

DEEP Questions and Answers

Criminal Defense 101 - Episode 2

OUI Defined

Criminal Defense 101 - Episode 3

Penalties for Second DUI Offense IID

Don't Talk With The Police

Attorney Fees

Facing A Judge After A Breathalyzer Refusal

Why you need to avoid a first offense OUI conviction at all costs.


Say NO to SFST's

Drug Crimes and Government Cooperation

Out-of-State Drivers and the Maine BMV

Understanding Bail Conditions

Blood Testing

Operating After Suspension

Charges That May Accompany A DUI

Domestic Violence Assault Issues

BMV Hearing Issues

Paying for An OUI

Marijauna Cultivation Crimes

DWI for a Commercial Truck Driver

More Payment for OUI Conviction

How an OUI Conviction Changes Your Driver's License

Criminal Speed

What Does "Suspended Sentence" Mean?

Commercial DUI Conviction

Commercial DUI FAQ


Commercial OUI: The Aftermath of a Conviction

Why Domestic Violence Charges Are So Serious

Requesting a Hearing after a DUI Arrest

Civil Marijauna Conviction Consequences

Condition Q Violation

Types of OUI Evidence Part 1


Expert Witnesses - Tobacco

Gross Sexual Assault

OUI Motor Vehicle Stops

Go Inside the Minds of Leading DUI Defense Lawyers

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

OUI and Miranda

How a Child Pornography Case Gets Started

OUI and Police Officer Training


Welcome to Our New Maine Criminal Defense Blog

Viewing future DUI laws through my crystal ball

Washington County Superior Court

Skowhegan Superior Court OUI charge

Drunk Driving... on a lawn mower!

Luke Bryant Manslaughter Conviction

Criminal Forfeiture

DUI Enforcement for Labor Day!

Kennebunk Maine Prostitution Scandal

Failure to sign Implied Consent... Any significance?

Las Vegas DWI Conference

Solicitation of a Prostitute in Kennbunk

What happens when the jury says "GUILTY"?

Child Pornography charges in Federal Court

Client's Charges Reduced From OUI to Driving to Endanger

Charges Dropped in OUI Case Due to Violation of Constitutional Rights

Maine is switching to new breath testing technology!

Kennebunk prostitution cases

Typical motion to suppress evidence hearing

One of many important reasons to get the right attorney involved quickly...

Proposed changes to our OUI laws

Stealing Drugs

Juvenile OUI

Federal Drug Crime Career Offender

Comparing Commercial Motor Vehicle DUI with Passenger Car DUIs

Theft of Services

DUI Field Sobriety Tests - HGN

Challenge the Evidence: Blood Tests

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