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Collaborative Divorce in Maine


When a couple files for divorce in Maine, there are many issues that they must come to an agreement on including such topics as how to allocate their assets and liabilities, whether one party will pay alimony, and issues regarding parental rights and responsibilities. A few couples are fortunate enough to face little contention and will agree amicably on how to resolve these issues. Most couples, however, will face some points of contention in their divorce negotiations. Often this will result in litigation which can be time consuming and costly. Because of this, there are many other options for negotiating a divorce. These options include mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce is a relatively new concept. The basic idea behind it is that, rather than work against each other, parties work together to cooperate and reach agreements that both are happy with. It uses concepts from both mediation and arbitration to let couples figure out solutions that are best for their situation. If you are considering divorce in Maine, it is important to understand all of your options.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

There are many benefits to a collaborative divorce, especially when compared to the litigation process. First of all, collaborative divorce is usually quicker and less expensive than litigation. This type of divorce process allows couples to meet in an informal environment on their own schedule. They do not need to wait for a court date or follow a certain timeline.

In addition to the relative cost and time efficiency of a collaborative divorce, results that are reached through this process are generally compromises and are more agreeable to both parties. Whereas a judge may make a ruling that neither party is satisfied with, collaborative divorce allows for amicable solutions that everyone can agree on.

Collaborative divorce also allows for couples to work out agreements on how to handle future disputes and can be less stressful. Parties meet in a place of their choosing and can openly discuss their issues. Litigation can often cause couples to become combative and work against each other. Divorce can be very stressful, especially in cases were children are involved. Collaborative divorces allow couples to settle their disputes amicably.

Who Should Consider Collaborative Divorce?

Any couple who is facing a divorce and is interested in saving time and money should consider a collaborative divorce. When children are involved, Maine courts will usually require couples to seek mediation before a case can be litigated anyway.

Collaborative divorce is not for everyone. Couples who are reluctant to compromise or are highly combative are not likely to achieve results through this type of divorce process.

Collaborative Divorce Attorney in Maine

Though collaborative law is a new way to settle divorce disputes, there are many benefits to its use. Though the process involves couples working together, both sides will still need to hire attorneys. If you are considering filing for divorce in Maine, contact our office to find out more about your options.


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