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Divorce Law Without Children in Maine


A divorce between a couple that have no children will likely be less complicated, but they still may face a number of issues. Though the issues of child custody and support do not have to be addressed, couples still must agree on how to divide assets and liabilities and whether one party should receive alimony or spousal support. Anyone going through a divorce in Maine should speak to an experienced attorney, regardless of whether or not children or high income assets are involved. At WTB Law, we assist people from all walks of life with all of their divorce needs.

According to statistics, 66% of couples who divorce are childless. The reasons for this are numerous couples who disagree about when to have kids or who experience fertility problems have a greater rate of divorce as well. Divorces that do not involve children can be just as confusing as any other type of divorce. Under Maine law, a spouse can still seek spousal support from the other party in a divorce, even if the relationship produced no children.

Maine Childless Divorce Options

In any type of divorce, issues can arise. When that happens, lawyers can work to help couples find solutions that everyone finds fair. Even when children are not involved, many divorces end in litigation. Before considering any type of divorce, make sure you understand the types of divorce available to you.

  • Litigation: This is the most common and usually the most expensive and time consuming option. It involves a judge reviewing all the pertinent information and issuing a final ruling on any areas of contention.
  • Mediation: Often, before litigating a divorce, courts will order a couple to first try mediation to settle their divorce disputes. Mediation involves an unbiased third-party, or mediator, working to help both parties discuss their issues and find an amicable solution. Unfortunately, when emotions are running high it can be difficult for divorcing parties to work out their issues this way.

  • Collaborative divorce: Collaborative divorce is a relatively new type of divorce process. It allows couples to work together to find solutions they are both happy with. Couples along with their attorney and sometimes other family law professionals to figure out what is important to them and to avoid litigation.

Filing for Divorce in Maine When No Children are Involved

Like any type of divorce, the first step is for one party to file a complaint for divorce with the District Court. In this form, you must state the grounds for divorce, you and your spouse's name and whether any real estate or land is owned by either of you. A copy of this complaint must then be served to your spouse. Then all paperwork must be filed and a hearing will be scheduled.

For more information about filing for a divorce in Maine, contact our office. We understand that all types of divorce are difficult and stressful. Our divorce lawyers will work to help you get results that you are happy with as quickly and painlessly as possible.


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