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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), auto accidents are the number one killer of children, teens and young adults ages 5 to 34 and one of the top ten killers of all age groups in the United States. Every year more than 30,000 people are killed as a result of auto accidents in this country. In addition to deaths, thousands more are seriously injured and disabled due to injuries sustained from an auto accident. The CDC repointhat the largest number of people injured in auto accidents are young adults ranging in ages from 20 to 34. The second largest group is adults from age 35 to 64.

According to the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety, in 2012, 164 people died as a result of a fatal car crashes. Another 981 were seriously injured. Sadly, many of these accidents were easily avoidable had the drivers responsible exercised more care. There is virtually an infinite number of ways that an auto accident can occur. When the cause is due to a driver's negligence, the victims and their families are entitled to seek compensation for their injuries. If you or a loved one have been the victim of a serious accident in Maine, contact a personal injury attorney to find out more about your rights.

Types of Auto Collisions

Car Accidents: The most common types of auto accidents are car accidents. The CDC reports that 69% of accidents in Maine are car accidents and they are responsible for $110 million in crash related costs each year. When a person is injured in a car accident caused by another party's carelessness, they should speak to an injury lawyer right away.

Motorcycle Accidents: The second most common type of vehicle accident s in Maine are motorcycle accidents accounting for 10% of all vehicle related deaths and $16 million in costs annually in the State. Though less people operate motorcycles then cars, accidents involving motorcyclists tend to be very serious due to the lack of safety features on bikes.

Truck Accidents: Accident collisions involving large trucks tend to result in serious damage and injury to the smaller vehicle regardless of who was at fault. Because of their size and mass, even a small truck driver error could be potentially fatal to a victim.

Pedestrian Accidents: Every year 7% of auto accident victims are pedestrians. The CDC estimates that pedestrian fatalities cost Mainers $11 million in medical bills and lost wages every year. A pedestrian accident can occur while a person is crossing the street, entering a crosswalk, or walking through a parking lot and involved in an accident involving a vehicle.

Bicycle Accidents: Bicyclists make up 1% and $2 million worth of crash related death costs in Maine each year. When a bicyclist is hit by a vehicle, even at slow speeds, they can be hurt badly. Even if a cyclist is not wearing a helmet or protective gear, they can still seek compensation from a driver who caused an accident where they suffered injury.

Bus Accidents: There are a variety of situations in which a person could be injured in a bus accident. Other vehicles hit by buses as well as passengers on a bus involved in a collision are all entitled to compensation if they are hurt due to a diver's carelessness.

Uninsured Motorists Accidents: When a person is involved in an accident with the driver who does not have auto insurance, they may be left to handle their medical bills and vehicle damage expenses themselves. In some cases an attorney can help them seek compensation through their own insurance provider.

OUI Accidents: While driving under the influence in Maine is a crime, an accident leading to injury can also leave an offender open to a civil case for the injuries that they've caused. Victims hurt in an accident caused by a drunk driver are entitled to seek financial restitution for their injuries.

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