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Lewiston Crime Rate

Lewiston is a city with interesting criminal trends. The crime rate in 2010 Lewiston was below the national average. The most common serious criminal offenses are burglary and theft crimes. Even though crime rates are lower than the national average, individual statistics for rape and murder are very high.

There are 79 officers in the Lewiston police force. They have worked hard to reduce the crime rate in the past few decades, but certain areas are still hotbeds for violent crimes. Inner-city Lewiston is reported to have the most occurrences of violent crimes. Drug crimes such as prescription fraud and drug possession are also very common in this area. Though police have managed to cut the crime rate almost in half since 1995, many arrests are still made for violent crimes as well as minor offenses like OUI.

Lewiston Criminal Courts

Lewiston District Court

71 Lisbon Street
Lewiston, ME 04240

Clerk: Sue Bement

Phone: (207) 795-4801

TTY: (207) 783-5457

Court Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Androscoggin County Superior Court

2 Turner St
Auburn, ME 04212

Clerk: Linda Mason

Phone: (207) 330-7500

TTY: (207) 330-7500

Jury Trial Status: (800) 222-0112

Court Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Criminal Charges in Lewiston

There are many types of charges that you can face for criminal offenses in Lewistown. Some of the most common crimes that we see include the following:

DUI / OUI – If you are stopped by police with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or over, you will be charged with DUI. If an accident was caused, you are under 21, you have a commercial license, or you have previous DUI convictions, the charges will be even greater.

Domestic Violence – When a person physically, emotionally or verbally abuses another with whom they have an intimate relationship with, this is considered domestic violence. You can be charged even when the victim does not wish to press charges, so it is easy for false accusations to become a real threat to you.

Probation Violation – If you are on probation and believe that you are about to be charged with a violation, you should contact a defense lawyer right away. A probation violation can lead to jail time and other serious penalties, so act now.

Violent Crimes – Assault or any kind of violent behavior can result in a serious charge. The penalties if convicted can lead to jail time, probation, fees and fines, community service and more.  Even though the overall statistics for violent crime in Lewiston is lower than the national average, the rate for murder is very high.

Sex Crimes – If you are charged with any type of sexual crime including rape, sexual assault, child pornography or indecent exposure, call lawyer right away. Rape offenses in Lewiston are, historically, a lot higher than the national average. A rape conviction can lead to 40 years in jail if convicted of gross sexual assault. You will also be listed as a registered sex offender. Currently, there is only one registered sex offender in the city.

Drug Crimes – Drug crimes vary in sentences based on several factors, but the majority of them are charged as felonies. If you are arrested for drug cultivation or manufacturing, possession with intent to sell, prescription fraud or possession, you could be looking at significant jail time, probation, fines and more. Lewiston police are working tirelessly to reduce the number of drug crime cases in the city.

Theft Crimes – Crimes that involve taking property or services from another party without permission or payment are classified as thefts. Burglary and theft are much more common in Lewiston than auto thefts and robberies. Still, the crime rate for property crimes is higher than the average for the U.S. so police are working hard to crack down on theft crimes.

Lewistown DUI Defense Attorneys

Attorney William Bly is dedicated to his clients and defending them. He has built his practice on the premise of providing strong defenses. He is a top rated defense attorney in Lewistown who knows what it takes to win cases. He is also certified as a field sobriety test instructor and as a Breath Alcohol Technician. He uses this knowledge to recognize how sobriety test can be performed incorrectly and knows what to look for to challenge DUI evidence. It is rare a for non-law enforcement professional to have such specialized training.

A criminal conviction of any kind can result in multiple penalties. In addition to the jail time, fines, probation and community service you will face, it will appear on your criminal record when jobs, schools and other institutions run background checks on you. This can lead to you being passed over without ever getting a chance to explain your situation. When you are charged with a crime in Lewistown, the best way to make sure your future is not impacted is to avoid conviction. An attorney from our firm can help you do this. We understand what it takes to beat criminal charges and we will stop at nothing to get a ‘not guilty' verdict. Call us today!


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