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Advantages of Hiring an Experienced York DUI Attorney

As employees of The Law Office of William T. Bly, we pride ourselves in going the extra lengths to provide you with the best DUI defense possible. We fight to protect the rights of individuals accused of a wide variety of DUI offenses including underage, out of state and commercial DUI as well as DUI with injury and more. We also defend those arrested for felony DUI, vehicular manslaughter, DUI with drugs and offenses that have child endangerment issues. Regardless of the DUI (also called DWI or OUI) charge you now face, whether it is a first DUI offense or a second or third, there are certain facts you should know.

Never attempt to resolve a DUI arrest without the assistance of an accomplished York DUI attorney who is trained and has a proven record of success in DUI cases. A person can be shocked and frightened by the experience that they feel their best option is to plead guilty as quickly as possible in an effort to "get it all over with." Unfortunately, the DUI process and penalties do not lend themselves to being easy on those who are convicted. The act of pleading guilty does not guarantee leniency from the courts. The sentences imposed can be extremely harsh, even on a first time DUI.

You could be pressured to plead guilty at your arraignment, especially if you feel you have no other route to take. You must have your case evaluated by our firm so that you get your day in court and any opportunity to have the charges dismissed, of being found not guilty, or of getting the charges against you reduced. Prosecutors know that your chances of a favorable resolution to your charges are greatly increased if you engage the services of a skilled York DUI lawyer. York is a well-known summer resort, and city leaders and law enforcement do not want to have the community adversely affected by instances of intoxicated driving. Ensure you are well represented in your case, and engage the services of an attorney who will aggressively challenge the DUI evidence against you.

Our office features an attorney who was one of only 2 lawyers selected to be designated as a Rising Star in DUI defense in all of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts. When we take on your case, you will be represented by an attorney certified as a Breath Alcohol Technician, who is able to locate and utilize errors made in the administration of breath tests. Few attorneys have this training. Our attorney is qualified as both a practitioner and instructor in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration field sobriety tests. For you, it signifies that if mistakes were made in how these tests were administered, the way in which they were interpreted or if there were other circumstances that lead to "failing" the test, we have the knowledge to locate the errors and turn them to your advantage.

OUI Convictions and Penalties

As with many other professions, the successful practice of law depends upon training and experience. Would you trust your surgery to a general practitioner who had no specific education or history of performance? We hope not! We urge you to not make the same mistake when it comes to DUI accidents, a DMV hearing regarding your driver's license suspension or any aspect of a DUI case. We focus on criminal defense and do not practice business, family or other types of law. It allows us to know what works and does not work when you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI.

It is also important to note what the penalties will be if you are convicted of a DUI crime. Circumstances such as leaving the scene of an accident, the presence of a minor in the vehicle, high blood alcohol content, the speed you were driving and whether this is a multiple DUI offense can each increase the punishments you face. The most common penalties for being found guilty of a DUI are a suspended license, time spent in jail, fines and court costs, installation of an ignition interlock device, substance abuse counseling and the requirement to perform community service. You will have a permanent criminal record which can affect your ability to get a job, or impact your options in educational opportunities and other areas of your life. In addition, DUI conviction can drastically increase automobile insurance rates and, with some individuals, result in the total loss of the ability to get car insurance.

York DUI attorneys vary widely in skill. You want the most highly trained on your side. We have committed a great deal of time and attention to training in all aspects of DUI cases, and we are proud of our many successful cases. We are prepared to evaluate your situation and advise you about what can be done to defend your case in court. The earlier we get involved, the better your chances for a favorable outcome, so contact us immediately after your arrest.

Contact a York DUI lawyer from our office if you face DUI charges and want to know what should be done to defend your case.



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