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  • STATE v. J.L.

    Charge: 2nd Offense OUI (4th lifetime) & Violation of a License Restriction Mandatory Minimum Penalty: 7 days jail and 3 year loss of license on the OUI; 1 year loss of license on the Violation of License Restriction Maximum Penalty: 364 days jail and $2,000.00 fine on the OUI; 180 days jail an... Read On

  • State v. V.M.

    Client who was on probation for a sex offense was charged with Violation of Bail Conditions. Client found NOT GUILTY following jury trial. Read On

  • Car in shot glass dui

    State v. C.R.

    February 2019

    Client charged with a 2nd OUI Refusal in the past 10 years was found not guilty following a jury trial. Read On

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    State v. C.V.

    April 2019

    Client charged with 2nd offense OUI with a high test. WTB LAW discovered problems with the breath test, which resulted in the DA offering (and the client accepting) a deferred disposition with the end result being a dismissal of the OUI for a plea to Driving to Endanger. Read On

  • Dui

    State v. A.G.

    March 2019

    Client was charged with felony Reckless Conduct & OUI Refusal. Client was reported to be driving southbound in the northbound lane of Rt. 95. Case could easily have ended in tragedy for the client or other motorists. OUI Refusal and felony charges were dismissed. Client pled guilty to Driving to Endanger. Read On

  • STATE v. J.N.

    Charge:  OUI (.11%) Summary:  Client had been vacationing in Maine on his / her motorcycle.  Client stopped at a local bar for a beer and a bite to eat.  Client went to leave the establishment on his / her motorcycle and "dropped" the bike.  While trying to get the motorcycle back up, the client... Read On

  • STATE v. H.W.

    Charge:  OUI Refusal Summary:  Client, who was from Texas, was in town for a business meeting.  Client had a few too many drinks at the local bar and attempted to drive back to his / her hotel.  Client was heavily intoxicated and it was obvious upon review of the cruiser video.  Client was arres... Read On

  • STATE v. F.F.

    Charge:  1st offense OUI with a .16% BrAC test Summary:  Client, a master electrician, was driving and trying to use his / her phone.  Client was unable to due both safely and was driving in an erratic fashion.  A "concerned citizen" called 911 to report a possible drunk driver.  Client pulled i... Read On

  • STATE v. E.Dp.

    Summary:  Client was charged with Passing a Stopped School Bus.  Client had no previous criminal history and had no traffic offenses during the 10 years prior to this new charge. Result:  Client was at his / her son's school waiting to pick the child up.  There were school buses stopped in the p... Read On

  • STATE v. E.C.

    Summary:  Client, a convicted felon and a registered marijuana user / grower, was robbed.  Client had no faith in the police and decided to take matters into his / her own hands.  Client confronted the suspected group of robbers, all except one who were under the age of 18, and threatened to murd... Read On

  • STATE v. D.R.

    Summary:  Client had driven all the way to Maine from Pennsylvania with little to no sleep and was physically exhausted.  Client stopped at a rest area in southern Maine where the client cracked open to Bud Lite beers in order to hydrate while he / she had a quick bite to eat.  On the way to clie... Read On

  • STATE v. C.C.

    Summary:  Client was observed squealing his / her wheels as they skidded through a stop sign.  Officer began to follow the client and observed the client run over a curb as they tried to negotiate a right hand turn.  The officer stopped the client and ultimately, began an investigation for OUI.  ... Read On

  • STATE v. B.M.

    Summary:  Client's significant other dumped him / her, leaving the client in Maine so that the significant other could go back to Texas.  Client had also recently been terminated from a high paying job and was extremely depressed about his / her future as a result of recent developments.  Client ... Read On

  • Shutterstock 149317496

    STATE v. A.G.

    Summary:  Client, who had recently graduated from college, was drunk and out and about with a friend.  Client and friend stole a local golf cart and proceeded to drive up and down Main Street in a small northern Maine ski town.  Client was observed driving and subsequently stopped by local law en... Read On

  • Bail 20out

    STATE v. A.M. pt. 2

    Summary:  Client was observed leaving the parking area of a closed business.  Client, who'd been drinking and was exhausted, had been sleeping in the parking area prior to the officer arriving.  When he saw the officer pulling into the lot, he woke up and began to drive off.  The officer stopped ... Read On

  • William bly

    BMV v. A.M. pt. 1

    Summary: My client had been charged previously for OUI.  As a result, he was facing a 150 day loss of license.  We requested a hearing with the Bureau of motor vehicles as we had a real issue to contest.  The client had been investigated for pulling into a parking lot and trying to sleep.  This t... Read On

  • William bly

    STATE v. J.W. pt. 2

    Charge:  Operating after Habitual Offender; Violating Conditions of Release Mandatory Minimum Penalties:  30 day loss of license; $500 fine, none of which may be set aside by the court. Maximum Penalties: 1.5 years jail time: $3000 fine Summary: Client, who knew he was under suspension, found ... Read On

  • Shutterstock 123247690

    STATE v. P.A.

    Charge:  Possession of Alcohol by a  Minor & Transportation of Alcohol by a Minor Maximum Penalties:  60 day loss of license; $1,000.00 fine Summary:  My client was accused of knowingly transporting his friends who were in possession of alcohol.  My client insisted that he had no idea his f... Read On

  • William bly

    BMV v. S.C.

    Charge:  OUI - BMV Hearing Summary:   my client was charged with an OUI which stem from an accident, where my client left the road.  A BMV hearing was conducted, which my client did not participate in.  At the hearing, the major issue for contention was whether or not the officer followed proper... Read On

  • William bly

    J.D. v. M.H. - PFA

    My client retained me more than 2 years ago to defend him on a felony criminal charge where J.D. was the "victim".  While defending the criminal charges, a PFA was brought against my client, M.H.  For tactical purposes, we decided not to contest the PFA and entered into an agreement for a consent... Read On

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