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“I was very satisfied with the representation.” Protection from Abuse client “He explained in detail, was sensitive to my needs, and helpful with the parties I was dealing with.” Family Law - Divorce client “. . . very personable.” Protection from Abuse client “. . . explained the legal aspect of the case so I could understand.” Family Law - Divorce client “. . . listened to me.” Family Law - Divorce client “. . . answered my questions.” Family Law - Motion to Modify Parental Rights & Responsibilities client “. . . treated me with respect.” Family Law - Parental Rights & Responsibilities client “ . . . I was proud to deal with [him].” Protection from Abuse - opposing party “ . . . awesome, very informative, listened, understanding, explanatory.” Family Law - Parental Rights & Responsibilities client “ . . . very great help.” Domestic Violence Assault client “. . . listened to me, cared for my situation and heped me.” Family Law - Divorce client “. . . Extraordinary help in my time of need. Went out of his way to answer my questions and calm my fears I could sleep at night again.” Domestic Violence Assault client “. . . tended to all my legal needs. He is MY lawyer!” Breach of Contract client ‘. . . helped me when no other lawyer would.” Family Law - Divorce client


Here at WTB LAW, we provide professional and aggressive criminal defense representation that exceeds the expectations of our clients and secures their freedom and their future.

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What distinguishes our Firm from the numerous law firms throughout the state is that we genuinely care about the well-being of our clients. The staff and attorneys of WTB LAW ensure that every client receives hands-on and personalized attention throughout the life of their case.