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Aggressive Criminal Defense: A two minute interview with criminal defense attorney William Bly. Play Video
Bail Conditions at Arraignment: A brief explanation of some of the option a judge has when setting the ... Play Video
Bail Conditions: Play Video
Domestic Violence: Play Video
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Fighting an OUI Arrest in Maine: Let us help you fight against your drunk driving charges! Call us ... Play Video
An Overview of the OUI Defense Process: Watch to learn the seven stages of an OUI defense strategy. Press play ... Play Video
OUI Can Happen to Anyone: Any person can be charged with OUI. Click play to continue learning ... Play Video
Defending Elderly Drivers: Click play to learn more about the defense strategies Attorney William ... Play Video
Even the Toughest Cases Have Hope: Click play to learn more about a difficult case defended by Attorney ... Play Video
Always Fight Your DWI Arrest: Click play to find out why you should always fight your drunk driving ... Play Video
Blood and Breath Test: Play Video
OUI Commercial Driver: Play Video
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Why William Bly does what he does: Play Video
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Case: Providing Alcohol to Minors: Press play to listen to the outcome of Attorney William Bly's first ... Play Video
Case: Domestic Violence: Click here to find out the results to a recent domestic violence case. Play Video
Case: DWI Blood Test: Watch to find out the results of a recent DWI / OUI case. Play Video
Case: Bronchitis v. Breath Test: Learn about the effects of bronchitis on the breath testing device at ... Play Video
Case: Multiple Offenders: Click play to watch more about a recent case result from Attorney ... Play Video
Sexual Assault Case: Play Video
Federal Parole Violation Case: Play Video
White Collar Fraud Case: Play Video
"I want to thank you for all your help. I was in a bad place when I first came to you. You really helped me through a terrible time. I would definitely recommend you to anyone that needs help. I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You really helped me a lot. Thank you and take care."


Here at WTB LAW, we provide professional and aggressive criminal defense representation that exceeds the expectations of our clients and secures their freedom and their future.

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What distinguishes our Firm from the numerous law firms throughout the state is that we genuinely care about the well-being of our clients. The staff and attorneys of WTB LAW ensure that every client receives hands-on and personalized attention throughout the life of their case.