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Kennebunk prostitution cases


Most of the country has been following the Kennebunk prostitution cases with a great deal of interest. The case against Mark Strong has begun in earnest with the defense landing some serious hay makers when they knocked out 46 counts of invasion of privacy through a motion to dismiss.

The real issue for the approximately 80 "johns" left who may or may not go to trial is whether or not any video evidence will be admitted against them at trial. It would seem the only way that this evidence comes in is if the "johns" testify (HIGHLY unlikely) or if Ms. Wright turns State's evidence against the "johns".

Now it would seem to me that the person with the least culpability in this sorid mess is the little guy, the "john". If the State cuts Alexis Wright a deal in order to secure convictions against the "johns", there will be (I hope) a HUGE backlash from the media.

The ones who are really getting hurt in this mess are the "johns" and their families. That's why all of the attorneys defending cases (myself included) are doing their best to bounce these cases out of court before they ever see the light of day at trial. EVERYONE, regardless of what the charge reads, is presumed innocent until proven guilty in this country. However, from all the media coverage converging on our little courthouse in Alfred, Maine, it would appear that it's going to be very difficult to select an impartial and unbiased jury for the "johns".

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