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Kennebunk Maine Prostitution Scandal


Are you on the list? That's the question that seems to be ringing from one side of York County to the other. Alexis Wright was arraigned on more than 100 counts on charges ranging from tax evasion to prostitution. A co-defendant, Mark Strong, was arraigned on charges of promotion of prostitution and conspiracy.

For the remaining and currently "anonymous johns" who have yet to be formally charged and arraigned on solicitation of prostitution charges, the shoe will eventually drop. When it does, the collateral damage is guaranteed to be severe.

Charges of solicitation of prostitution aren't just damaging to the defendant, they can cause irreparable harm to that person's family as well. The concern in the Kennebunk school district amongst administrators and teachers is that when the names of the "johns" are finally released, the children of those persons will be the subject of ridicule and bullying.

Children and wives are the ultimate victims in a case like this. Prostitution is normally viewed as a victimless crime occurring between two consenting adults. But the reality is far and away harsher for the families of those persons accused of the crime. Having your husband or father's name dragged through the mud in the news can cause feelings of anger, sadness, depression, resentment and may lead to divorce and loss of employment.

In my view, the York County District Attorney's Office neither considered nor care about the impact on the true "victims" of this crime... the wives and children who are left behind in the aftermath to deal with the consequences. Prosecuting cases like this in such a public and in my view, reckless manner, serve no purpose other than to humiliate the "johns" and gain notariety for the DA's office. My guess is that when the names come out, we'll see members of law enforcement, politicians and public service employees as well as ordinary ever day citizens.

If you suspect your name is on the soon to be released list, it behooves you to get legal representation as soon as possible.

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