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Skowhegan Superior Court OUI charge

Sometimes good people find themselves in a tight bind with an OUI charge. However, good things can come out of that experience, regardless of the outcome of the actual criminal case. Recently, I represented a gentleman who was a fire fighter who was charged with OUI. In addition to the drunk driving charge, he was hit with criminal speed, driving to endanger, resisting arrest and reckless conduct.

After a long, drawn out litigation process, the client pled guilty to OUI and all of the remaining charges were dismissed. Prior to putting his plea in, the client had second thoughts about going back into fire fighting. The client had a life long dream of becoming a medical doctor but felt he "didn't have what it takes" to get through med school.

The client took his MCATs and was accepted to a prominent medical school on the west coast. He has enrolled in the Anesthesiologist program and in 4 years will have his M.D. I'm so proud of this young man in his choices and in how he has conquered adversity. Sometimes one just needs to look at the greater overall picture of their life rather than the short term negative consequences of an OUI charge.

I hope that if you've been charged with an OUI that you use the adversity to your advantage and improve upon aspects of your life that have stood neglected in the past. Never turn down an opportunity to improve your life, even when that opportunity looks like a closed door... you never know what's on the other side if you don't walk through.

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