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DUI Enforcement for Labor Day!


First let me say to everyone out there, have a SAFE and enjoyable Labor Day weekend. The forecast looks great for Friday and Saturday. Get to the beach while you can.

On a more sober note (pun intended), local law enforcement agencies here in Maine are stepping up DUI saturation patrols through the holiday weekend. For example, South Portland PD just received an extra $5,000.00 grant from the state of Maine to be earmarked for overtime in order to put more police officers out on the roads.

Expect that the police will be vigilant and aggressive of their pursuit of drunk drivers over the last summer holiday for the year. During these weekends it's not unusual to stumble across DUI checkpoints on major roads throughout the southern part of the state.

If you find yourself being investigated for suspicion of OUI this weekend, keep the following in mind:

  1. DO NOT submit to field sobriety tests!
  2. DO NOT answer questions posed by the officer!
  3. DO invoke your right to counsel and Miranda and DO refuse to answer questions without a lawyer!
  4. DO NOT waive your Miranda rights if arrested!
  5. DO submit to a breath/blood/urine test at the request of a police officer. In Maine, a refusal carries much more serious consequences and besides, submitting to a breath test is the law.

Finally, if you are arrested following a night of revelry, pick up the phone and call my office. We need to talk.

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