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DUI Enforcement for Labor Day!

First let me say to everyone out there, have a SAFE and enjoyable Labor Day weekend. The forecast looks great for Friday and Saturday. Get to the beach while you can. On a more sober note (pun ...
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Criminal Forfeiture

Often times when people are arrested for a drug charge, the arrests are made on the side of a highway following a traffic stop. However, there are times when an arrest is made at the client's ...
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Luke Bryant Manslaughter Conviction

A young Knox County man was convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of his best friends. The State argued that Mr. Bryant's actions constituted reckless conduct and was a gross departure ...
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Drunk Driving... on a lawn mower!

In case you were wondering, you can be charged with driving drunk on a lawn mower; even if you're mowing your own lawn! While purusing the news today, I stumbled upon an article from Reuters where ...
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Skowhegan Superior Court OUI charge

Sometimes good people find themselves in a tight bind with an OUI charge. However, good things can come out of that experience, regardless of the outcome of the actual criminal case. Recently, I ...
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