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Blog Posts in May, 2011

Blood Testing

Folks, welcome to another edition of my DUI Defense video blog. Today's topic of discussion concerns blood testing and how they could impact the success or failure of the defense in your case. ...
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Understanding Bail Conditions

In almost all criminal cases, whether they be misdemeanors or they'd be the more serious felony cases, if you've been charged with a crime or arrested, you will likely have been placed on ...
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Out-of-State Drivers and the Maine BMV

Today's topic of discussion concerns out-of-state-drivers and Bureau of Motor Vehicle suspensions. The State of Maine is well known as a vacation area. People from all over the country come here ...
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Drug Crimes & Government Cooperation

Folks welcome to another edition of my video blog. Today's topic of discussion concerns drug charges. Whether you are faced with drug charges in the state or the federal arena, you can be ...
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