Operating After Suspension


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Today, we are going to talk about the impact on your license if you are convicted on the charge of Operating a Motor Vehicle after Suspension. If the Maine Secretary of State sends you a suspension notice, you are required to comply with that suspension notice. The most common reasons for a suspension include failure to pay a fine (traffic ticket), failure to appear in court, too many demerit points accumulated for traffic offenses, failure to pay a reinstatement fee or failure to file an SR-22 certificate. Regardless of the reason for the suspension, you MUST clear up that suspension before you will be allowed to drive. Unfortunately, most people fail to pay attention to the suspension notice and continue to drive, to their detriment.

Many people will people treat an OAS like it's no big deal and just go and plead guilty at their first court appearance. What most people may not be aware of is that while the court will not generally impose a license suspension; the Maine Secretary of State will impose a mandatory 60-day suspension of your license. For most people, a 60 day loss of license is the equivalent of a career ending injury. Not driving is an unrealistic option for most people in a rural state like Maine.

Don't treat an OAS like it's no big deal. It is a HUGE deal if convicted. There is NO work restricted license option available. Furthermore, if you get hit with a 2nd OAS while under suspension, the penalties get exponentially worse. Remember, once you plead guilty you are guilty. If you have “buyer's remorse” you can't change your plea later. Instead, you're stuck with that conviction and all of the bad things that flow from it.

It's always in your best interest to speak with an attorney prior to going to court, so you know what you are getting yourself into and what the possible ramifications are for pleading guilty. Keep that in mind and if you have any questions about how you should proceed, call me or call any other qualified criminal defense attorney; ask questions before you plead guilty.

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