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DWI for a Commercial Truck Driver

If you are suspended by The Bureau of Motor Vehicles here in Maine for a first offense OUI, and you hold a CDL, you will be suspended for a period of one year; even if you win the criminal case. It is imperative that you beat both the Bureau of Motor Vehicles suspension hearing and the criminal case in order to continue to drive. Even if you're not operating a commercial vehicle when you're pulled over, if you blow a 0.08 or greater, your CDL will still be suspended for a period of a year. That is unless you beat both the Bureau of Motor Vehicles suspension hearing and the criminal case.

Now, if you are driving a commercial motor vehicle and you blow a 0.04 or higher, you are going to lose your CDL license for a year. It gets worse. If you have a prior anytime in your lifetime, you are looking at a lifetime suspension of your commercial motor vehicle privileges. That means you will never, ever work as a truck driver anywhere in the country again. CDLs are regulated by The Federal Government. So, if you have two OUIs, you are going to lose your license or your right to operate commercial motor vehicle for the remainder of your lifetime. Once your CDL is permanently yanked, it's time to look for a new line of work.

If you have been driving a truck, or if you're driving a passenger car and you hold a CDL, and you've been arrested for OUI, it is imperative that you pick up the phone immediately and call my office. I can help. This is an area of the law that I am very familiar with and I have a lot of experience defending these cases. Don't mess around. An OUI is serious business and you need a serious attorney. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you.

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