Possible Results of an OUI Conviction


We hear a lot of information regarding possible sentences and outcomes for someone who is convicted of operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but many focus solely on the potential sentence handed down by a judge. Many have no idea that other possible results of an OUI conviction are looming, and these individuals could be blindsided by the truth. Here are just a few other possible results, aside from court sentences.

You could lose your job. There are many articles that give you the news that you may have a significant amount of trouble finding gainful employment with an OUI conviction. However, few mention that you could lose the job that you already have if you are convicted of OUI, depending on the nature of your job and company policy. The vast majority of businesses have little tolerance for drivers acting in a grossly irresponsible manner, and if your job requires you to drive this becomes even more crucial.

You could be asked to move from your apartment. Landlords have standards to maintain properties by, and many have strict rules regarding felony or serious misdemeanor convictions. Check your rental agreement for these rules, and if you have any doubts you can talk to your landlord. While some are forgiving and offer you the opportunity to serve your sentence, whether that is accomplished by paying a fine, serving community service, or doing time in jail, others will ask you to move if they discover the conviction.

It might become more difficult to be approved for any type of rental agreement. Consider all of the times that you have applied to rent something other than an apartment, such as a vehicle, equipment, or something similar. You could be denied on the application if you are convicted of an OUI, especially if there are aggravating factors or additional charges.

For these three major reasons, and many others that are equally important, it is critical that you retain an experienced OUI attorney as soon as you are arrested, to begin building an effective defense. Protect your rights—and your future—with help from someone who understands state law regarding OUI cases and the many ramifications thereof.


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