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Blog Posts in January, 2011

Possible Results of an OUI Conviction

We hear a lot of information regarding possible sentences and outcomes for someone who is convicted of operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but many focus solely on the potential ...
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What can I expect at my initial appearance before a federal magistrate on a drug charge?

This is perhaps the worst possible scenario in criminal law. You are almost always better off having your case in state court as opposed to federal court. The reason is that the potential punishment ...
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More DUI Law Changes in 2010

There are several states that have made significant changes to existing law regarding driving under the influence of alcohol. These may be positive or negative changes from the viewpoint of anyone ...
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DUI Changes for 2010

Several states are making changes to existing laws regarding driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and others are adding new laws concerning this area. Others are modifying laws that relate ...
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