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How a simple assault can change your life...

Any criminal conviction can have far reaching and negative impacts on your life. An assault conviction is no different. Assault is defined in Maine as the intentional, knowing or reckless causation of bodily injury or offensive physical contact to another person. Assault is a class “D” offense, which is a serious misdemeanor level charge. As the statute states, an assault can occur when one person causes offensive physical contact to another person. That means that you don't necessarily have to push or strike another person. Instead, you can be charged with Assault by patting the waitress on the rear end as she walks by or “going to far” with a stripper at Platinum Plus in Portland.

An assault charge will most assuredly be published in the local news paper such as the Portland Press Herald as well as online sources. Employers are ever vigilant and on the lookout for problem employees. A conviction could lead to dismissal at your current job or could result in being “black balled” when searching for jobs in the future. Members of the military need to be especially concerned about an assault conviction as it will most assuredly result in UCMJ action that could range from a reduction in rank and pay all the way up to a dishonorable discharge from the service.

If you've been charged with Assault in Maine, don't treat it like it's no big deal. Call my office to speak with me about your case. The consequences of an assault conviction may come back to haunt you if you fail to fight your case with the right lawyer.

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