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Blog Posts in August, 2011

Stealing Drugs

Welcome to another episode of my video blog. Folks, once again, we're going to delve into the area of drugs and drug crimes and I want to touch on a couple of issue. There are times when ...
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Juvenile OUI

Today we're going to discuss very briefly what happens in an OUI case when you've been arrested and you're under the age of 18. In Maine, as in most states, juvenile law applies when ...
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Commercial DUI FAQ

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is always a serious crime, no matter what type of vehicle you are driving at the time of your arrest. Having a commercial driver's license affects ...
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Commercial DUI Conviction

Commercial vehicles are particularly dangerous on our roadways, since their size and weight so greatly outmatches the average vehicle. Thusly, there are different rules applicable to commercial ...
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What Does "Suspended Sentence" Mean?

The legal term for a sentence a convicted criminal is not required to serve is called a suspended sentence. A suspended sentence is handed down during the sentencing portion following a plea or a ...
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Criminal Speed

In Maine criminal speed is defined as speeding in excess of the speed limit by 30 miles per hour or greater. For example if you're speeding on I 95 and you're driving 95 miles per hour or ...
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How an OUI Conviction Changes Your Driver's License

We have given you extensive information about how being convicted of an OUI can ruin your opportunity to drive for the foreseeable future, but there are other ways that it can change your driving ...
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