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In the state of Maine, there are two different ways that you could be arrested for operating under the influence, regardless of whether you caused an accident or any property damage. These are operating under the influence of drugs and operating under the influence of alcohol. The laws and statutes that govern one also govern the other, and the penalties are the same, but you could be arrested even if you pass a breathalyzer test with flying colors.

Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is a very serious offense in the United States, and more courts each year implement laws that are really cracking down on repeat offenders. First-time offenses are treated more harshly then ever, and people will soon begin to learn that it is never a good idea to drive while drugs or alcohol impair your driving abilities. Alcohol and drugs can lower your reflex time, blur your vision, cause drowsiness, and much more, creating potentially deadly driving skills.

If you pass chemical tests such as BAC, blood alcohol content, when you are pulled over, you could still be arrested for OUI if the officer has a reason to believe that you should not be driving. You could be booked, and forced to submit to more comprehensive chemical tests, such as urine or blood tests, in order to screen for illegal or prescription drugs, in addition to alcohol.

Alcohol may kill thousands in the state of Maine each year, but drugs are just as deadly, and should never be taken immediately before driving. Wait until you are someplace safe to take any medicine, even a prescription, that could cause drowsiness, disorientation, blurred vision, or any side effect that could potentially impair your driving abilities. If you must take it right away, have a designated driver handy.

Those who have been arrested in Maine for OUI should contact a professional attorney specializing in OUI laws as soon as possible. The window of opportunity to build a successful defense and protect your rights is small, and once it closes it is often closed forever. Do not wait until you begin to lose your rights before contacting someone who can help.


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