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Stars Are Not Immune To DUI/DWI

Although many popular television shows and movies feature the common person (or what is supposed to be an average Joe) being arrested for DUI/DWI, even stars are not immune to being arrested. Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol or driving while intoxicated is a serious offense in most states, and can be treated like a felony or misdemeanor, depending on many different factors. Everyone from your next-door neighbor to sports players, film stars, and various icons can be arrested, and treated the same in this case.

Sports players have to treat their bodies with special care and attention, and often steer clear of consuming alcohol in order to take care of their bread-winning asset-their ability to play a chosen sport. Sometimes, circumstances or poor decisions lead to drinking more than they can handle without impairment, and they are pulled over by law enforcement. Some examples of sports players with arrests related to drunk driving in the last year include, according to news reports:

* Donte Stallworth – Cleveland Browns. Convicted of DUI manslaughter for his role in a DUI involving the accidental death of a pedestrian.

* Al Jefferson – Minnesota Timberwolves. The basketball star issued a public apology aimed at his fans, especially younger fans.

* Byron Westbrook – Washington Redskins. The football icon refused to cooperate with sobriety testing, and faces increased punishment in Maryland.

* Andres Nocioni – Sacramento Kings

* Tarence Kinsey – Cleveland Cavaliers

* Dane Sardinha – Philadelphia Phillies

Film stars are featured on the news as well, as proof to the public that their popularity and familiarity does not get them as many special favors as we might think. Here are some examples of actors and actresses arrested for alcohol-related behavior:

* Jake Harris – Deadliest Catch

* Stephanie Pratt – television's The Hills

* Tawny Kitaen – legendary icon

* Lori Petty – television and movie actress

* Rip Torn – legendary actor

As you can see, even some of the most notable names have had their fame cast aside until a bail hearing. During past years, other famous stars have been arrested for DUI/DWI as well, including mega-star Mel Gibson's famous case a few years ago. Most of us believe that their fame will keep them from being arrested, and sometimes this happens, but in most cases, the rich and famous are treated much the same as the rest of us. The biggest difference is that it is much easier for some stars to post bail.

It is very important to contact a professional lawyer as early as possible in your case, so that you can get the most favorable outcome possible. A skilled lawyer can seek to have charged dropped or reduced, and can offer alternative penalty options that may apply in your individual case. This may include IID (ignition interlock device), alcohol rehabilitation course, defensive driving class, community service, and similar penalties, with the appropriate show of remorse.

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