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Maine DWI Facts

In the state of Maine, there are very strict laws regarding motorists, and their safety, including stiff penalties for breaking those laws and regulations. These rules are not designed to punish people for drinking, but instead to discourage them from making the risky decision to drive while intoxicated. This can be a tragic decision that not only affects you, but your family, and many innocents as well.

Start by considering your driving privileges. You will automatically lose your license when you are arrested for DWI, driving while intoxicated, and have only ten days to request a hearing from the date of that suspension. You may request a work restricted license for first offense DUIs only. In total, you could lose your license for a minimum of 90 days, even with no prior DWI history.

Aggravating factors can play a big role in your case, as well. If you refused to take a sobriety test, like a blood, urine, or breathalyzer test, were driving more than the posted speed limit by a significant amount, had passengers under the age of twenty-one, or had an extremely elevated BAC, blood alcohol content, your penalties could be much worse. These factors indicated that you were taking a much bigger risk, and therefore earn much stricter penalties.

A DWI stays on your record for at least ten years in Maine. If you have another one during that period, especially if aggravating factors are present, the penalties escalate. For those driving while intoxicated and under the legal drinking age, your driving privileges may be lost for a much longer period of time. Adding aggravating factors only lengthens this time, and could add jail time or monetary fines as well.

Of course, you may not wreck while driving intoxicated. Even if you don't cause an accident or injury, law enforcement could see erratic driving and still pull you over. They can still choose to arrest you too, even without any evidence of an illegal BAC level. This depends on whether you were driving safely, or erratically. It all depends on you, and the decisions that you make when you are drinking, or before you drink, such as having a designated driver ready when you are ready to go home.

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