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One of the most common and effective penalties for DUI, driving under the influence, involves taking a class that teaches about driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, how it impacts the community, how it can affect those around you, and potential consequences. Although some are very affordable, and a few are even free, any of these classes must be paid for out of the defendant's pocket. In a few cases, the court will order a more expensive course, especially for repeat offenders and in situations where serious injuries or fatalities have resulted from the behavior.

DUI classes are often a mandatory part of the sentencing phase, and the only negotiable aspects of these often involves the length of the class, court approved classes, or payment installments for the course. Most states have an approved list of course providers, and if you do not attend classes with one of these, you may not get credit for the completion. There are often separate penalties for not attending classes, failing to complete the course, or choosing an unapproved course.

Some courtrooms will use a DUI course as an alternative to other forms of penalties, and if they are completed successfully, the legal system will sometimes expunge or close the case altogether. This is especially helpful for first time offenders, and often discourages repeat offenses for those who are honestly remorseful for their actions. In other cases, the course may cost enough money so as to discourage others from ever driving under the influence again.

A few states even offer online DUI education courses, depending on the state, and whether the online course has been accredited with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) or a similar organization. The cost of attending the class is normally payable by the defendant, wholly or in part, depending on the situation, seriousness of the offense, extent of damage or injuries, and the court's determination. Online courses can be very convenient, and in some cases the instructor will be more open to working with a busy schedule.

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