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Long-term Effects of a DUI

There are a few different ways that a DUI, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, charge can feel like it has ruined your life. These can include expensive fines, incarceration, alcohol ...
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DUI Class Information

One of the most common and effective penalties for DUI, driving under the influence, involves taking a class that teaches about driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, how it impacts the ...
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Stars Are Not Immune To DUI/DWI

Although many popular television shows and movies feature the common person (or what is supposed to be an average Joe) being arrested for DUI/DWI, even stars are not immune to being arrested. Driving ...
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Maine DWI Facts

In the state of Maine, there are very strict laws regarding motorists, and their safety, including stiff penalties for breaking those laws and regulations. These rules are not designed to punish ...
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Maine OUI Laws - Part 2

Maine OUI Laws Part 2 Over and above laws that govern first and following offenses within ten years, there are rules that govern OUI (operating under the influence of drugs/alcohol) in Maine. It is ...
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Maine OUI Laws - Part 1

Maine OUI Laws Part 1 Most states have distinctive laws that break down how certain actions will or will not be accepted, and how each will be penalized according to state law if you are found guilty. ...
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