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Your Rights After An OUI

As Americans, the vast majority of us understand that we are entitled to a few basic rights. Most of us are well aware of these rights, but few have little idea what rights change or are lost with a felony conviction. Some OUI, operating under the influence, charges are classified as felonies, and this article will describe what rights are altered or lost due to a felony conviction.

Weapons Rights

First and foremost, most convicted felons lose the right to bear arms, including hunting, gun collections, and even those kept for protection. The application of this punishment is different in some states, some choosing only guns as the type of weapons lost, while others will go so far as knives, crossbows, and other weapons as well. Your parole officer or lawyer should discuss the law in your state upon your release, or you can consult with a lawyer to learn more.

Voting Rights

In addition to losing your gun collection, you could also lose the privilege of having a say in upcoming elections as long as the felony is on your record. Most states have laws that keep convicted felons from voting, regardless of whether the charge is state or federal, and without regard to the felon's age or social status. While this right may seem of little consequence in the grand scheme of things, it can be very discouraging to have no voice in electing leaders for the nation.

Government Office Privileges

Those who are or were planning to run for some form of office may lose this right, even if they are of legal age, have a wonderful social standing, and offer many years of qualifying public and legal experience. In most states, convicted felons do not have the right to run for any form of government office, from the lowliest positions upward.

Work Rights

While convicted felons can apply for any job that they desire, the number of employers who will choose to hire them once they learn of the felony record dwindle dramatically. Some of the best and highest paying employers quickly disqualify individuals based on felony record, depending on applicable state and federal law.

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