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Potential Outcomes: OUI Case

We often dwell on the many potential sentencing options when we consider various crimes, and those who are charged have the same outlook for the short-term. In the long run, though, there are many potential outcomes for a given case, although the end of a matter can seem very far away during the initial arrest period. Here is a brief rundown on a few of the potential outcomes in an operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, OUI, case.

There are two favorable outcomes for any given defendant, each only achievable if specific conditions are met or not met, and under certain circumstances. They are not feasible for every defendant, and your attorney will be able to tell you which is a viable option in your case, if any. They are:

Dismissal of all charges. This is likely the rarest favorable outcome, and it means that all charges have been dropped against that particular individual for this specific crime. It normally results when your attorney can suppress or invalidate enough testimony or evidence so as to keep the prosecution from satisfying the burden of proof.

Acquittal. An acquittal during an OUI case is the same as a not guilty, or innocent, verdict. They all mean that the person is free to go, with no criminal record to worry about. Keep in mind that some media attention is still possible during the case, but it may not all be negative, depending on a large variety of factors during the trial period.

Just like positive outcomes, there are negative or neutral outcomes as well. These depend on the client, his/her criminal background, existing evidence, and much more. They are:

Conviction on a lesser charge. A conviction on a lesser charge means that you pled guilty to an offense other than an OUI.† Many times this means a Driving to Endanger or Reckless Conduct charge.† These come with little or no license suspension time as well as no jail (usually). A conviction on a lesser charge is an excellent outcome and usually happens because the attorney was able to discover weaknesses in the State's case and used that to the client's advantage.

Conviction. This does not always have to be completely negative, and can be a more neutral outcome if your attorney has been able to negotiate the penalty phase. It all depends on the severity of the crime, and any aggravating factors.

Mistrial. This is a more neutral outcome, since it can open the door for a future repeat trial for the same charges. Normally, it only results when the jury cannot reach a unanimous verdict, but very few OUI cases go to trial, so it is not always a feasible outcome.

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