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Important Questions For Your OUI Attorney

Sometimes the earliest meetings with your attorney are the most critical, regardless of what type of case you are dealing with, and any operating under the influence, OUI, charge is no different. You need the help of a reliable and experienced OUI attorney, and this knowledge can make all the difference in your case. Here are a few of the most important questions that you can ask your OUI attorney, in no particular order:

How much experience do you have dealing with OUI cases?

The answer to this question is critical, because more experience means more in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of state OUI laws and statutes. Experience gives the attorney more ways to deal with the charge, from defense strategies to sentencing options. It also gives them more bargaining power during the sentencing phase, since so few OUI cases actually go to trial.

Are you certified for OUI cases?

Not just any attorney can take on an OUI case successfully; it takes a comprehensive knowledge of state law in order to defend against these types of charges. Your OUI attorney should be an OUI specialist, much like you would see an ear, nose, and throat specialist when you have ear problems and a heart doctor with heart problems. Just as you would not see a dentist for a stomach problem, make sure that your attorney is ready and able to handle OUI cases.

What are my potential outcomes, in your opinion?

Find out early what your attorney thinks you can expect, and what you can do to achieve the best possible outcome in your individual situation. Your circumstances may dictate that he/she do something totally different from another OUI case, depending on a variety of factors. Taking a proactive approach by getting involved in your own defense could really be a benefit to both your attorney and yourself.

How should I handle myself?

This final question should be obeyed without fail. If your attorney says to keep quiet and do not talk, then keep quiet until told otherwise regarding the case. Giving up the right to remain silent is an irrevocable step, because once waived, it cannot be taken back.

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