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How To Become An OUI Attorney

Becoming a dedicated OUI attorney in the state of Maine requires more than just waking up one morning and deciding to specialize in operating under the influence of drugs/alcohol charges. It requires college education, and an extensive in-depth knowledge of OUI laws in the state, so that the attorney can more successfully defend his/her client against these charges. Here is a basic timeline of what it takes to become an OUI attorney:

Pass the law school admission test. Although one might would think it is as simple as picking a law school, the truth is that law schools are choosy about who they will allow to learn to practice law. This pickiness helps narrow down those who are serious from those who are less passionate about law. After choosing a law school, take and pass the admission test in order to get started.

Go to law school. You have to get a college education at an accredited university to start, with a bachelor's degree at minimum, and this requires commitment and a lot of studying. Only those with a real desire to become an attorney regardless of the area of specialty will make it through the grueling and mind-numbing courses of study required just to get a degree.

Specialize in OUI law. Just like a doctor intending to specialize in a specific area of medicine, attorneys must decide what area of the law they will represent. Some choose real estate or business, others family law, and still others criminal defense. There are other areas of expertise as well, from personal injury to bankruptcy. In order to specialize in OUI law, the attorney must learn everything about this charge and how best to represent each client according to Maine laws, mandates, statutes, and so on.

Pass the bar exam. In order to practice as an attorney, you must pass the bar exam in the state of Maine. This is much like a residency for a doctor, and gives the hopeful attorney an opportunity to present his or her knowledge before the Bar Association. Average cost for the test is $700, but the attorney's cost may be more or less depending on the county, type of course, and applicable fees.

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