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Defending Against An OUI Charge Pt. 1

Unless you are an attorney, you will likely have little or no idea of how to represent yourself against charges of operating under the influence. This can be a very complex legal situation, and even one wrong or poorly timed decision can be very costly in the long run, sometimes even costing the entire case. Instead of trying to muddle through the situation on your own, it is imperative to seek the services of an attorney who has made OUI charges his/her specialty.

There are a number of defenses that have a better chance of being successful in a given case, but the one that is best in your case may be different than what is most suitable for another person's case, even if they look similar to the average defendant. Your attorney will help you decide what is best for your case, and this could mean the difference between an acquittal and a guilty verdict. It could also mean the end of your freedom, or at least your driving privileges, if it is not successful.

Hiring an OUI attorney who is licensed to practice in Maine is your first step toward protecting your rights and your freedom, and may be the most important defense method you can choose. Not all attorneys have the knowledge required to defend against an OUI charge, and this lack of knowledge can be the final nail in the coffin of your freedom. Keep in mind that it is not just your freedom and rights at stake, but your future, and your familyís as well. Even your friends and coworkers can be affected by an OUI conviction.

The best OUI defense strategies depend on the particulars of a given case. For example, if you are charged simply with operating under the influence first offense, there are no aggravating or mitigating factors, you have no criminal record, and you are not contesting the charge, then the case may simply involve deciding what the appropriate sentence is for the case. On the other hand, if it is a repeat offense, or there are aggravating factors, or you plead not guilty, then the case may require a more in-depth defense strategy, including going over eyewitness testimony, expert credibility, and so on.

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