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Dealing With A Criminal Record

Having a criminal record can affect your life in many different ways, but it does not necessarily have to be the end of the world for you and/or your family. It simply means that there are some obstacles to overcome, but it can still be done if you work hard and keep your nose clean. Your OUI attorney can be a big help with some of these options, so be sure to discuss each one with him/her for more details. Here are a few basic tips and suggestions for dealing with a criminal record, whether it is your own or someone's that you love.

Ask for help when you need it. There are a few ways that a criminal record can affect your future, such as finding a job, renting a home or vehicle, running for office, getting a loan, and so on. If you need help with something important, never be afraid to ask those that you love. This can mean having a co-signor on a loan, asking for a personal reference to help secure employment, and even requesting a letter of reference from a landlord in order to rent somewhere suitable for you and your family.

Check into appeals or expungement. Some states offer these options when certain conditions apply or are met sufficiently. An appeal could give you a different result, sometimes eliminating the criminal record altogether. An expungement would mean that the criminal record is sealed and not held against you. The only time an expunged record would become available is for federal cases. Either of these options would mean that you no longer have to report your criminal background on applications or legal documents.

Prove that you are trustworthy. Convictions that were over a decade ago are rarely held against a person, although they must be reported in some states, unless they were for violent crimes. Once you are able to prove to society that you are not the person you were, and are no longer a danger to society as a whole, then the chance of being denied a job or home will decrease. Society just needs to understand that your debt is paid, and that you have been rehabilitated.

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