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Common Misconceptions - OUI Drivers

When you see an advertisement or informative television show talking about drinking and driving, how often do you see any pity or sympathy for the driver? More often than not, you see the tragic loss of innocent life, extensive property damage, and even angry officers dealing with the lawbreaker. However, sometimes there is more to the story than what meets the eye, and these are issues that should be recognized and addressed.

1. We all make mistakes. The decision to operate a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is life altering in many cases, although not every driver who makes this decision has an accident. Even one accident can change lives forever, though, and it is never worth it ‘just this once.' Keep in mind, though, that we have all done things we are not proud of; some of us just never got caught.

2. Social stigma is often a far worse punishment than jail. True, the person who was convicted of OUI was likely sent to jail, lost driving privileges, had to pay a fine, was forced to attend alcohol education courses, and faced mandatory rehab, but the social stigma is much worse. In fact, it is not only bad for the convicted driver, but for his/her family, friends, coworkers, and employer as well.

3. The OUI driver may have been hurt or killed, too. This does not downplay the heartbreaking loss of life of innocent passengers, pedestrians, or other drivers. In some cases, the driver may lose his/her life, suffer serious injury, or lose a loved one as well. Circumstances like this are rarely talked about, because the public does not want to appear sympathetic toward an OUI driver.

4. Self-criticism and regret are far less lenient judges. Anyone who has ever done something that they regret can attest to this fact. Most of us are much harder on ourselves than any judge could be, even with the penalty from the legal system. Additional punishment is rarely necessary for those who are truly remorseful.

Do not choose to tackle the legal system and future social stigma alone; talk to an experienced OUI attorney as soon as you are arrested to learn your defense options.

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