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Blog Posts in July, 2010

Common Misconceptions - OUI Drivers

When you see an advertisement or informative television show talking about drinking and driving, how often do you see any pity or sympathy for the driver? More often than not, you see the tragic loss ...
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Dealing With A Criminal Record

Having a criminal record can affect your life in many different ways, but it does not necessarily have to be the end of the world for you and/or your family. It simply means that there are some ...
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Important Questions For Your OUI Attorney

Sometimes the earliest meetings with your attorney are the most critical, regardless of what type of case you are dealing with, and any operating under the influence, OUI, charge is no different. You ...
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Top Challenges Faced By An OUI Attorney

Many challenges await your OUI attorney, some of which can have a massive impact on the case itself. Operating under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, OUI, is a big problem in the United States, ...
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How To Become An OUI Attorney

Becoming a dedicated OUI attorney in the state of Maine requires more than just waking up one morning and deciding to specialize in operating under the influence of drugs/alcohol charges. It requires ...
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Potential Outcomes: OUI Case

We often dwell on the many potential sentencing options when we consider various crimes, and those who are charged have the same outlook for the short-term. In the long run, though, there are many ...
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Appealing an OUI FAQ

Anyone convicted of operating under the influence in the state of Maine likely has questions about how they can clear their name and move on. This type of conviction can follow you for the rest of ...
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OUI Sentencing FAQ in Maine

Anyone arrested in the state of Maine for operating under the influence of drugs/alcohol, OUI, is certain to have dozens of questions on the subject of prospective sentences, his/her future criminal ...
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Defending Against An OUI Charge Pt. 2

Once you have decided what your plea will be in an OUI, operating under the influence of drugs/alcohol, case, with the help of an experienced OUI attorney, your next step will be to develop a ...
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Defending Against An OUI Charge Pt. 1

Unless you are an attorney, you will likely have little or no idea of how to represent yourself against charges of operating under the influence. This can be a very complex legal situation, and even ...
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